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Chemical Principles 8th Edition

Chemical Principles (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)DeCoste, Zumdahl
PublisherCengage Learning
Section 1.3: The Scientific Method
Critical Thinking
Chapter 1, Section 1.3, Critical Thinking, Exercise 01
Page 8

What if everyone in the government used the scientific method to analyze and solve society's problems, and politics were never involved in the solutions? How would this be different from the present situation, and would it be better or worse?


An ideal government is a government in which politicians serve the best interests of the people. Science serves for progress and progress serves the people. So our society would be far better off if everybody in the government believed in science and the scientific method.

The sad reality is that there are tons of politicians that has business interests, which is contrary to the role that they should play. Say for example, climate change. Currently, there are big oil companies that are misinforming the society that climate change is not a big deal or worse renewables doesn't give much benefit to the society. They do this because shifting towards renewables is a threat to their business. These companies tend to have politicians that represent there interests in the government and they make it hard for the benefits of science to accrue in the society. If there are sufficient representatives or senators, they can successfully block lawmakers that are lobbying for greener energy. Scientific process is always done in the spirit of scientific progress, which in turn also progresses the society. If everybody in the government believes in the scientific process, then it would expedite the processes needed in order to make the benefits of science tangible to the society. We would have a better fighting chance against global warming if this was the case and there would be less people suffering from erratic climate.

We also need to have more politicians that believe in research for progress. However, there are politicians that do not even support research if they are against there vested interests. Say for example, in the area of agricultural research (i.e. increasing yield, better fertilizers, automation of crop harvest and planting, which would result to more mouths being fed, thus alleviating poverty), if a politician has business ties towards land acquisition for real estate. Then he/she would stop funding research so that there is less incentive towards agriculture and selling lands from the perspective of the farmers becomes more lucrative because they have less profit due to low yield which resulted from the lack of research. This would worsen poverty and if it was not reality then people would be better of and more productive which would result to even more progress.

Problems in that plagues everybody in our society would be avoided and progress and dreams for the future would be closer at our grasp if everybody in the government believed in science and the scientific method.


It would definitely be better.

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