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New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Excel 2019 Comprehensive 1st Edition

New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Excel 2019 Comprehensive (1st Edition)

Book Edition1st Edition
Author(s)Carey, Parsons
SubjectComputer Science
Section 2.1: Session 2.1 Visual Overview:Formatting a Worksheet
Section 2.2: Session 2.2 Visual Overview:Designing a Printout
Chapter 2, Section 2.1, Quick Check , Exercise 1
Page EX 2-29

What is the difference between a serif font and a sans serif font?


Serifs are semi-auxiliary subtleties or short enriching embellishments on the closures of a portion of the strokes that make up letters and images though Sans serif doesn't have these subtleties or twists.  


It is expressed that serif textual styles are typically simpler to read in bigger content zones like in books, magazines, in body content on sites. Sans serif textual styles are utilized consistently due to how clean they tend to look in those principle text zones.

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In Serif fonts, at the end of each character, there exist additional strokes that help in reading passages of text. For instance, Times New Roman.

In Sans serif fonts, the extra strokes are not included. For instance, Arial.

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Page EX 2-29