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Chapter 22, End of Chapter, QUIZ YOURSELF, Exercise 1
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What is the difference between embedding an object and linking an object?

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The difference for embedding an object and linking an object is based on where the linked and embedded objects are stored.


On embedding an object, the destination file contains a copy of that object along with a link to the source program. The modifications done in the source file are not reflected in the destination file.

When an object is linked, it exists only in the source file but its link is displayed in the destination file as well. The modifications made in the source file are reflected in the destination file but the modifications in the destination file are not reflected in the source file.

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Following are the differences:

While embedding an object, there happens to be no link between the embedded object and source file. However, linking an object establishes a direct link between the source files and destination files.

The access to a source file is not needed for editing an embedded object, but for editing a linked object, it is needed.

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Page 682