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Principles of Information Systems 13th Edition

Principles of Information Systems (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
Author(s)Reynolds, Stair
SubjectComputer Science
Chapter 14, Computer Waste and Mistakes, Review Questions, Exercise 1
Page 606

What is the harm in nonproductive use of information system resources, isn't everybody doing it?

Here is a tip:

The working environment will lead to the use of a nonproductive system.


  1. The information system uses productive and nonproductive forms.
  2. The nonproductive forms include many cases like cyberloafing.
  3. Cyberloafing denotes the nonproductive application of information systems.
  4. People who are all involved must be monitored by their mentors.
  5. It will be alarming to casual workers who have created hostile work.

Verified Answer

Yes, Most of the IT professionals are involved in cyberloafing. It means employee actions that use internet access for personal usage, so it will lead employees to monitor their work and also assign more workload to them.

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Page 606