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New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Excel 2019 Comprehensive 1st Edition

New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Excel 2019 Comprehensive (1st Edition)

Book Edition1st Edition
Author(s)Carey, Parsons
SubjectComputer Science
Section 12.1: Session 12.1 Visual Overview: WordArt and Funnel Charts
Section 12.2: Session 12.2 Visual Overview: Data Validation and Workbook Protection
Section 12.3: Session 12.3 Visual Overview: Macros and Visual Basic for Applications
Chapter 12, Section 12.1, Quick Check , Exercise 1
Page EX 12-13

What is WordArt?


In the WordArt there are different designs of alphabets and with animations effects and 3D designs which can be used with various colors and fully customizable. It can be rotated ,can be curved, flipped and various other effects which can be used for even whole paragraph and large number of words which looks colorful and highlighted.

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WordArt is easier and faster way to make a text highlighted with various visuals that looks colorful in attractive manner.

It will be available in the insert tab within the text group. 

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Page EX 12-13