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Guide to Networking Essentials 8th Edition

Guide to Networking Essentials (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
SubjectComputer Science
Chapter 5, TCP/IP's Layered Architecture, Hands-On Project, Exercise 5-1
Page 227

Where are you most likely to find backbone cabling? (Choose all that apply.)


The following are the area to find backbone cabling.

  • MDF (Main Distribution Frame) is the main computer room for equipment's such as servers, hubs, routers, and, DSL's. It acts as an important connection point for vertical cabling between buildings. It is used to provide connection from the telecommunication closets to the equipment room. The, vertical cabling/ back bone runs between floors and uses a fiber optic cables.
  • Between IDFs (Intermediate Distribution Frame) refers to a free-standing rack used to manage and interconnect the telecommunications cable between the end user devices and a main distribution frame (MDF). Thus, the telecommunication closets are connected together using a back bone or vertical cable running from floor to floor in a building.


The following are the area to find backbone cabling.

  • MDF
  • Between IDFs
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Page 227