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Social Psychology and Human Nature 4th Edition

Social Psychology and Human Nature (4th Edition)

Book Edition4th Edition
Author(s)Baumeister, Bushman
Section 7.1: What Are Attitudes and Why Do People Have Them?
Section 7.2: How Attitudes Are Formed
Section 7.3: Consistency
Section 7.4: Do Attitudes Really Predict Behaviors?
Section 7.5: Beliefs and Believing
Chapter 7, Section 7.1, Quiz Yourself, Exercise 1
Page 234

Which concept can be defined as pieces of information (facts or opinions) about something?
  • a. Attitudes
  • b. Beliefs
  • c. Intentions
  • d. Values


A - This is incorrect. Attitudes are broad assessments of something , which means that this is a result of being exposed to information. 


B - This is correct. A strong conviction that something is real, often based on revelation, is referred to as a belief. This may be stemming from a fact or just an opinion.


C - This is incorrect. Intention is something that you want to do or the driving force.


D - This is incorrect. This is more on principles and standards that an individual has.



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Page 234