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Introduction to Psychology 11th Edition

Introduction to Psychology (11th Edition)

Book Edition11th Edition
PublisherCengage Learning
Section 15.1: An Overview of Abnormal Behavior
Section 15.2: Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Section 15.3: Substance-Related Disorders
Section 15.5: Treatment of Mental Illness
Chapter 15, Section 15.3, Review Questions , Exercise 3
Page 502

Which of the following is true, on average, for young people who will later become heavy drinkers?

(a) Moderate amounts fail to relieve their stress.

(b) They show less than average body sway after drinking a moderate amount.

(c) They sleep more than average, and sounds do not arouse them during sleep.

(d) They tend to eat a diet with more protein than carbohydrates.

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