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Social Psychology and Human Nature 4th Edition

Social Psychology and Human Nature (4th Edition)

Book Edition4th Edition
Author(s)Baumeister, Bushman
Section 10.1: Defining Aggression, Violence, and Antisocial Behavior
Section 10.2: Is Aggression innate or Learned?
Section 10.3: Inner Causes of Aggression
Section 10.4: Interpersonal Causes of Aggression
Section 10.5: External Causes of Aggression
Section 10.6: Self and Culture
Section 10.7: Other Antisocial Behavior
Chapter 10, Section 10.1, Quiz Yourself, Exercise 1
Page 338

Which of the following would be considered aggression?
  • a. A baseball batter's line drive accidentally hits the pitcher in the knee.
  • b. A girl attempts to punch her little brother, but misses.
  • c. A depressed man commits suicide.
  • d. All of the above


  • Aggression can be defined as "the act of attacking or interfering with someone else." In the first example, the batter accidentally hits the pitcher in the knee. The batter did not intend for this to happen, and it was an accident. However, the pitcher was still hit intentionally and suffered harm as a result. This would be considered aggression.
  • In the second example, the girl tries to punch her little brother but misses him completely and hits nothing at all. This would also be considered aggression because there was any attempt on the sister's part to cause harm.
  • In the third example, a depressed man commits suicide by jumping off of a building and killing himself in the process. This would be considered aggression because he was attempting to kill himself by jumping off of a building—he had intent to kill himself and thus intended harm upon himself (and perhaps others).


d. All of the above

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Page 338