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A History of Modern Psychology 11th Edition

A History of Modern Psychology (11th Edition)

Book Edition11th Edition
Author(s)Schultz, Schultz
Chapter 6, End of Chapter, Review Questions, Exercise 1
Page 125

Why did some people find it such a disturbing experience to see Jenny the Orangutan in the London Zoo?

Here is a tip:

Humans believe that the human race is more powerful than other races such as animals and birds. When this belief is challenged, it creates a feeling of surprise.


The visitors who visited the zoo to see Ape J because of the following reasons:

  • Ape J used to dress and behave like a two-year-old child. They used to wear frilled gowns and showed human characteristics, which attracted many people and forced them to believe that the human race is not superior.
  • Ape J used to oppose the trainer by shouting or kicking whenever their wishes were not fulfilled. Like two-year-old children, they used to perform mischievous tricks like hiding their food whenever things did not happen according to them.
  • Ape J also used to obey their trainer. For instance, they used to accept things from outsiders who came to see the astonishing resemblance between humans and animals only after getting consent from the trainer.

Verified Answer

Ape J looked like a two-year-old child after dressing up. They showed human mannerisms that attracted people from all over the world to come and see them. People were amazed to see such similarities between animals and humans. Like a two-year-old child, Ape J obeyed as well as disobeyed the trainer, which forced people to think how closely human beings are related to animals and made them wonder which race is superior.

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Page 125