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Exploring Economics 7th Edition

Exploring Economics (7th Edition)

Book Edition7th Edition
PublisherCengage Learning
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Section 1.1: Economics: A Brief Introduction
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Section 1.2: Economic Behavior
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Section 1.4: Pitfalls to Avoid in Scientific Thinking
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Why do female models make more money than male models?


-fourthly, they appear to be the best sellers of the product being advertised.

-fifthly, there health is at risk as compared to men for instance the make up and body posture may have serious health issues hence its like an life insurance.

-lastly, they are usually flexible and high on demand at all times and easily accessible when needed by various brand in the business.



a model is a person used in display and advertisement of products or used as a brand promoter especially in fashion shows or artistic industry.

here are the reasons why female models make a lot of money as compared to male models:

-firstly the female fashion and clothe lines are large in size and the female population is bigger target consumers are enriched hence leading to profits which makes the ladies to be paid wholesomely.

-secondly, they spend a lot on their fashion clothes and designs thus they want to compensate the cost incurred while making themselves productive for the same.

-thirdly, some businesses to the prefer most attractive models who are paid wholesome amount to their beautiful appearance hence female models preferred and thus the difference.

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