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Wrightsman's Psychology and the Legal System 9th Edition

Wrightsman's Psychology and the Legal System (9th Edition)

Book Edition9th Edition
Author(s)Greene, Heilbrun
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Basic Choices in the Psychological Study of the Law
Psychologists’ Roles in the Law
Chapter 1, Start of Chapter, ORIENTING QUESTIONS, Exercise 1
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Why do we have laws, and what is the psychological approach to studying law?


Laws are human inventions which have the settlement of human action as their main purpose. When culture evolves, new problems arise, leading to the legal system's extension and revision. A psychological approach refers to individuals as legal system agents, questioning how their personal variables (personality, beliefs, skills, and experiences) and their environment influence their actions, including the law itself.


We need legislation to make our country's function efficiently no can easily assist in the same job and law could also minimize crime in the nation and make the place peaceful for living.


Law in society is not just something that comes from beyond the borders of society from elsewhere. It is in reality an intrinsic concept of society. The law represents cultural rules and is what is good, equal and fair according to society. Every system has its own rules, although, with the change in social standards, these laws change.


In society, the law is needed for three key reasons:

1) To regulate the actions of people in compliance with social standards (Regulatory laws, prohibition laws, contract laws, personal laws, etc.)

2) To balance the damage done by that of the victim against the victim and society at large.

3) Gathering and raising income from the masses (taxation laws)


: Law and psychology are two different fields, but they have a lot in common. Although the objective of psychology is just to understand conduct and the objective of the law to govern it, both areas make assumptions about just what causes individuals to react the way they do. Many psychologists study how the legal system can be improved.

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