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The Leadership Experience 7th Edition

The Leadership Experience (7th Edition)

Book Edition7th Edition
PublisherCengage Learning
Chapter 2, End of Chapter, DISCUSSION QUESTIONS, Exercise 1
Page 57

Why is it important for leaders to know their strengths? Do you think leaders should spend equal time learning about their weak points?

Here is a tip:

Leaders would know how they can improve if they identified their weak points.


  • The purpose of teamwork is to compensate for any possible weaknesses and compliment any strengths that members have. Leaders are not expected to perform all of the tasks alone. Instead, they are expected to delegate tasks to other members who have the necessary skills.
  • The identification of a leader's weaknesses helps in self-development by highlighting gaps and other areas for improvement. Leaders must first know their strengths and weaknesses before they can identify what they need to improve on to become more effective leaders.

Sample Response

  • Leaders must first learn about their own competencies and strengths to be able to identify the best ways to manage and lead others. They should not be expected to perform tasks and activities that are not within their capacity. Instead, they should focus on how to achieve goals and complete tasks within their areas of expertise.
  • Knowing their own limitations helps in distributing tasks within their group. Leaders must know when to delegate tasks that are beyond their limits. Forcing themselves to perform tasks that are not aligned with their skills could cause unintended failures, even if their intention were good.
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Page 57