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New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Excel 2019 Comprehensive 1st Edition

New Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Excel 2019 Comprehensive (1st Edition)

Book Edition1st Edition
Author(s)Carey, Parsons
SubjectComputer Science
Section 3.1: Session 3.1 Visual Overview: Formulas and Functions
Section 3.2: Session 3.2 Visual Overview: Lookup Tables and Logical Functions
Chapter 3, Section 3.1, Quick Check , Exercise 1
Page EX 3-27

Write a formula to convert the number of days entered in cell B10 to seconds.


  • With regards to figuring dates in Excel, DATE is the most basic function to comprehend. Excel does not keep the year, month and day for a date, nor does it unequivocally store week day data in a cell. All things being equal, Microsoft Excel stores dates as serial numbers.
  • Not all Excel date functions can perceive dates entered as text esteems, thus it is not prescribed to provide dates directly in computations. All things considered, the user should utilize the DATE functions to get a serial number that represents the date, the number that Excel comprehends and can work on.

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Page EX 3-27