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Castro (3rd Edition)
Castro (3rd Edition)

Author: S. Balfour

ISBN: 9781405873185

Documents: 15

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  • History II Notes April 12
    4 Pages
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    History II Notes April 12
    Course: HS 032
    School: BC

    Modern History II Notes 4/12/07 Cuban Revolution and Missile Crisis Most dangerous point during the Cold War point where nuclear holocaust could've happened End of Cuba's imperial relationship with Spain paved the way for a new form of imperialism:

  • POL202- Essay
    11 Pages
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    POL202- Essay
    Course: POL 202
    School: Arizona

    Political Science 202: International Relations Professor Gary Goertz International Relations between the United States, Cuba, and Trade Embargo Mason Upton 5/1/07 The Cuban revolution of 1959 was a seismic historical event. It not only impacted the

  • March 19 notes
    11 Pages
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    March 19 notes
    Course: HIST 140
    School: UNC

    Anti-Imperialism in Latin America: US Intervention, Fidel Castro, and the Cuban Revolution, 1953-2006 March 19, 2007 1) What is the nature of the relationship between Latin America and the United States since 1898? 2) What were the origins of the Cu

  • Communism in Cuba and China
    7 Pages
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    Communism in Cuba and China
    Course: WOH 1030
    School: FSU

    Communism in China and Cuba CHINA Background o 1912-Manchu dynasty falls, and civil war breaks out. Ends in mid1920s, and the Nationalists come to power. Run by Chiang K'ai-shek-military officer, studied Japanese and Soviet armies. Good relationship

  • PoliticalScience238Notes[1]
    29 Pages
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    Course: POLI 238
    School: UNC

    POLITICAL SCIENCE 238 8/24/2007 Latin American Agribusiness = Subsistence Farming -money taking away from small farmers African Slave Trade -10,000,000 slaves brought to Latin America Exploitation of Natural Resources -due to overpopulation -Deforest

  • Soc 140 Lec Nov 27
    4 Pages
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    Soc 140 Lec Nov 27
    Course: SOC 140
    School: Berkeley

    Soc 140 Lec Nov. 27, 2007 Socialist States: Cuba - Problem of Democracy - Constant External Threats - Silences/Contradictions in Marxism - Underdevelopment - Autonomous Institutions - Participation - Influence - Rectification - Post 1990 Changes - - - - -

  • PoliSci238StuGuiJA
    15 Pages
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    Course: POLI 238
    School: UNC

    Study Guide Poli 238 Fall 2007 Ask yourself, what is the role of X in Latin America? You want to think of examples/illustrations and you need to be able to explain the importance/relevance of each. You might think about answering the what, why, when

  • ID's for Final_StudyGuide
    5 Pages
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    ID's for Final_StudyGuide
    Course: HIST 3140
    School: Cornell

    Twin Shocks 1949. Victory of Communists in China under Mao and the first detonation of an atomic device by the USSR. NSC-68 1950. United States response to the Soviet Union successfully testing an atomic bomb. Branded the USSR as an enemy. Called f

  • ch.38
    5 Pages
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    Course: ? ?
    School: Gustavus

    Chapter 38 "Latin America: Revolution and Reaction in the 20th Century" Chapter Summary. Latin American nations in the 20h century shared problems with Third World countries relating to matters of economic development and relations with more powerful

  • Che Guevarra
    22 Pages
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    Che Guevarra
    Course: HIS 241
    School: UNE

    Cuba & The U.S. and the writings and political thought of Fidel Castro & "Che" Guevara Cuba & The U.S. Unlike other Latin American countries, Cuba remained a Spanish colony throughout the 19th century. Cuba and the U.S. have had a love/hate relation

  • POL378_march25notes
    5 Pages
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    Foreign Policy in South America Cuba traded dependency on the US to dependency on the USSR - sugar for oil program - USSR heavily influenced cuban politics - USSR looks like they are presuring Cuba, but they have the same goals - Fidel believes in 3r

  • history paper 2
    5 Pages
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    history paper 2
    Course: CS 150
    School: Jacksonville U.

    History Report #2 The Cuban Missile Crisis Jordan Stanton M/W/F 1-1:50 11/10/2007 The Cuban Missile Crisis Jordan Stanton The Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest the world has ever been to nuclear war. The United States was fully prepared for the

  • POSC365midtermreview
    11 Pages
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    Course: POSC 365
    School: USC

    POLITICAL PHYSICS: how to think causally - human behavior is interactive, based in power interaction o humans are naturally power-oriented; all societies throughout history have been hierarchies - thus leaders react to the actions of others and their

  • vietnam korea
    4 Pages
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    vietnam korea
    Course: HIST HIST 213
    School: NJIT

    Compare/Contract Vietnam War and Korean War US involvement in both of these wars took place bc the US was afraid of neighboring Asian nations becoming Communist Nations.(domino theory) Both Korea and Vietnam were split into North and South. North Kor

  • fc46_lecture 14 (10-31-07)
    4 Pages
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    fc46_lecture 14 (10-31-07)
    Course: FOR-CULT 46
    School: Harvard

    Jodi Krakower FC 46 Caribbean Societies Lecture 14 10-31-07 Cuba Part II After the Revolution Assessing the Cuban Revolution - successful if judged in terms of survival and longevity o nearly half a century of existence - but largely a failure if j

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