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Relevance Theory: Applications and Implications (Pragmatics and Beyond. New Series)
Relevance Theory: Applications and Implications (Pragmatics and Beyond. New Series)

Author: Robyn Carston, Seiji Uchida

ISBN: 9781556193309

Documents: 10

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  • soci final study guide
    4 Pages
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    soci final study guide
    Course: SOCI 322
    School: Tulane

    Social Theory-Sociology 322 Fall, 2007 Professor Michele Adams Exam #2 will be on Thursday, December 6, and will focus on all course material (readings, lectures, and class discussions) from Exam #1 through and including Tuesday, December 4, but it m

  • soc intro powerpoint
    65 Pages
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    soc intro powerpoint
    Course: SOC 002
    School: UC Davis

    Introduction to the Introduction to the Study of Self and Society Sociological Imagination C. W. Mills the ability to understand the interconnection of biography and history Challenges of Studying People Reactivity Change over time and space S

  • exam2studyguide
    3 Pages
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    Course: SCOM 240
    School: JMU

    Answers to Study Guide for Exam II Chapter 13: Research Questions and Methods I. Methods A. Quantitative vs. Qualitative 1. Quantitative: Investigations and arguments that rely on the analyses of numerical data for support of a claim. 2. Qualitative:

  • chap 6 notes
    5 Pages
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    chap 6 notes
    Course: PSYC 403
    School: McGill

    Chapter 6: Comprehending a sentence involves attention to syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic factors. At the syntactic level, we identify the constituent or phrase structure of the sentence. At the semantic level, we identify the semantic roles playe

  • INTS Notes Part 2
    11 Pages
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    INTS Notes Part 2
    Course: INTS 1700
    School: Denver

    INTS Notes Social Constructivism (a paradigm, not a theory) -non-systemic I. Definition-It emphasizes the importance of normative (ethics, morals) and material (law, tangibles) structures and it emphasizes the importance of identities and shaping of

  • Ch5-Ch6
    14 Pages
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    Course: LAIS 220
    School: Mines

    Chapter 5 Philosophy of Religion The existence of God o Arguments for o Arguments against o Whether it matters Can any formal arguments convince you either way? (It did for Bertrand Russell.) Rationalization Wishful thinking Personal identity Theism

  • Chapter 1
    7 Pages
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    Chapter 1
    Course: COM 225
    School: Michigan State University

    January 8, 2008 David Myer's Work- the Pursuit of Happiness Happiness Basic needs met o Food, water, safety shelter, health, clothing Have a meaningful activity or purpose o Helping others, teaching, volunteering Then additional wealth had no effect

  • Language Development Lecture Outline
    5 Pages
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    Language Development Lecture Outline
    Course: CDE 430
    School: ASU

    Language Development Lecture Outline Theories Learning Theories Speech can be conditioned, reinforced, imitated Parents reinforce their baby's sounds that most sound like words. Imitation -Criticisms: Mothers tend to reinforce statements based on

  • Sociology final
    3 Pages
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    Sociology final
    Course: SOCY 1001
    School: Colorado

    Final Exam Review Format: 45 questions 1. Multiple Choice 2. True/False 3. Fill in the blank: you will have a word bank, but not all of the terms will be used and some won't be used at all. In other words, don't rely on having a word bank to answer t

  • IR 210 10-17-05
    3 Pages
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    IR 210 10-17-05
    Course: IR 210
    School: USC

    IR 210 Lecture Notes SESSION #24 10/17/05 There is deceit and cunning and from these wars arise. -Confucius What level? People are deceitful EXAM QUESTION What are three ways of studying IR? How would scholars using these three methodological approac

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