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An Enemy of the People (Miller) - Acting Edition
An Enemy of the People (Miller) - Acting Edition

Author: Henrik Ibsen

ISBN: 9780822203605

Documents: 15

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  • sgl3_essay7
    5 Pages
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    Course: HSS 403
    School: NJIT

    The Revelation of Commonly Held Assumptions As you are engaged in reading, An Enemy of the People, you become aware to what each person is after. Peter Stockmann, Dr. Stockmanns brother, has a conversation with Hovstad and immediately mentions how gr

  • Ibsenplayreport
    4 Pages
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    Course: LITERARY I 1100
    School: Western Michigan

    1 Annamarie Sysling December 5, 2007 Christine Haskill Henrick Ibsen's "A Doll House" employs flawed characters in the midst of economic and social turmoil to reveal the timeless nature of trust and betrayal present in human relationships. Ibsen begi

  • Overall Notes
    12 Pages
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    Overall Notes
    Course: DRAM 115
    School: UNC

    Modern European Drama: Realism and Revolt - 19th Century reforms Expressionism: Georg Buchner Melodrama: Dion Boucicault Poor of NY Realism: Henrik Ibsen Society o Middle Class audience o Capitalism & Materialism Philosophy o Darwin, Marx, Freud = he

  • A Doll's House
    4 Pages
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    A Doll's House
    Course: ENG 101
    School: Great Lakes

    Leah Bianchi English 102 Mrs. Allen April 16, 2008 Study Questions for A Dolls House 1. This Christmas is significant to them because they were poor and this is their first Christmas in which they do not have to worry so muchabout money. Torvald has

    9 Pages
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    Course: TA 161W
    School: UCSC

    Black/African Diasporic Theater March 9, 2008 "The stretching of 'performance' to include rituals, festivals, and other aspects of everyday life clearly goes against and beyond the conception of traditional theater [.] These efforts come from an att

  • 20 question theatre exam #3
    4 Pages
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    20 question theatre exam #3
    Course: THEATER 110
    School: Atlantic Cape Community College

    Exam 3, Chapter's 7 & 8 1. Louis XIV, the Sun King was France's King and the son-in-law of Spain's Philip IV. Louis XIV was a strong reason for Moliere's success in being known as the most produced French playwright of all time. 2. Neoclassicism is

  • dram115 notes
    20 Pages
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    dram115 notes
    Course: DRAM 115
    School: UNC

    Drama 115 Notes Perspectives in Drama Friday August 24, 2007 - On looking at plays o Culture o Biography o Dramaturgy How they treat different aspects of the play o Conventions: Dramatic Theatrical o Literary Elements o Theatrical Elements o Theat

  • Contemporary Drama and raisin in the Sun notes
    8 Pages
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    Contemporary Drama and raisin in the Sun notes
    Course: DRAMA 116
    School: UNC

    Contemporary Drama Theatre of Cruelty- Antonin Artaud was a French actor, director and a theorist of theatre. He insisted on removing the comforting distance between actors and audience. The audience was involved in a direct, virtually physical fashi

  • drama notes exam 2
    18 Pages
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    drama notes exam 2
    Course: DRAM 115
    School: UNC

    Notes-Melodrama Monday, February 18, 2008 12:00 PM Vocabulary o Genre Kind Type 4 main genres Farce Melodrama Tragedy drama o Melodrama Nothing mellow about it Usually use it when someone is being extremely dramatic Originates in the 18th centur

  • Intro Theatre
    43 Pages
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    Intro Theatre
    Course: THTR 1009
    School: Colorado

    Test #2 history of Directors Didakskalos 1/14/2008 11:01:00 AM o Playwright director in Ancient Greece o Greatest amount of control over production (absolute power) Actor Managers o Manager of the company Playwright Managers Duke o o o o of Saxe-Me

  • study guide
    5 Pages
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    study guide
    Course: THEATRE 120
    School: Wisconsin

    Fires in the mirror: Author: Anna Devere Smith (1992) Medea Series of monologues and argument between characters. Choral Passages Setting of the play is in the Greek city state of Corinth, in front of the house of Medea Author: Euripides (431 BCE)

  • Theater Things I Think I May Forget b
    5 Pages
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    Theater Things I Think I May Forget b
    Course: TD 301
    School: University of Texas

    Theater Things I Think I May Forget b/c Difficult Theater- Means "seeing place." Drama- Script study which has more literary emphasis than the term theater. What is the critcal element of audiences? Providing feedback. The purposes for theater as tho

  • Exam Review
    14 Pages
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    Exam Review
    Course: DRAM 116
    School: UNC

    Breakdown of Exam: Forms of Drama: o Tragedy: human fallibility, tragic vision, tragic realization (catharsis, Aristotle says it's important that the hero of tragedy not be too perfect, someone who tears too hard at our heartstrings when he suffers;

  • a duty to oneself
    2 Pages
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    a duty to oneself
    Course: HUMN 1020
    School: Colorado

    A Duty to Oneself What is the significance of Duty in the play and the difference of Nora and Kristine's Duties and how Ibsen portrays them In the play A Dolls House Ibsen portrays Nora and Mrs. Linde as completely opposite people when their idea of

  • an enemy of the people essay
    2 Pages
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    an enemy of the people essay
    Course: PHILOSOPHY PHL115
    School: Elon

    Ethical Practice Batchelor An Enemy of the People clearly depicts a conflict which could have easily been resolved and more peacefully addressed. In Act II Dr. Stockmann attempts to address the town by holding a discussion in the mariner's basement.

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