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Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse (Oxford World's Classics)
Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse (Oxford World's Classics)

Author: Alexander Pushkin

ISBN: 9780192838995

Documents: 15

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  • Week 13 Peasant Life
    25 Pages
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    Week 13 Peasant Life
    Course: RUSS 2211
    School: Colorado

    Decembrist Revolt The First Modern Revolt Decembrist Revolt December 26, 1825 Not a well-planned revolt, easily put down Revolutionaries included officers in guards regiments, many of whom had served in the campaign against Napoleon Decembr

    4 Pages
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    Course: PSC 204
    School: Alabama

    Communists and capitalists clashed cold war US and Brit-sent troops to fight Russian Rev. Convinced Stalin they ^ would do anything to destroy Communism America turned inwards as did Russia Great Depression-American politics shifted to the left. FDR

  • Dance_Final_Study_Guide
    3 Pages
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    Course: DANCE 45
    School: UCSB

    1 FINAL STUDY GUIDE DANCE 45 FINAL STUDY GUIDE Russian Revolution 1917 czar was best dancer; also funded ballets; communist take over and ballet become classical Anna Pavlova - dancer. Was in Dying Swan. Toured extensively. Was influenced by Isador

  • Revised Soviet Civ 2
    5 Pages
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    Revised Soviet Civ 2
    Course: RUSSIAN 2710
    School: Missouri (Mizzou)

    Dear Grandma, I got your recent letter regarding your interest in 20th century Russian literature, being that you are such a spry and loveable matriarch of nearly four scour years, I have decided to respond to your question, rather than adhering to m

  • RUSS 3391 Midterm Paper
    5 Pages
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    RUSS 3391 Midterm Paper
    Course: RUSS 3391
    School: UT Arlington

    Jonathan Rose RUSS-3391-002 8/01/07 Dr. Harrison Midterm Paper Essay: Keeping in Mind that directors guide our expectations with respect to space and time through the control of mise-en-scene, critique the mise-en-scene (see Film Art Chapter 4) in an

  • Concert Report
    2 Pages
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    Concert Report
    Course: MUS 116F
    School: Fullerton College

    Alexander Wang Concert Report The concert that I had attended was "A Tchaikovsky Spectacular" recital at the Rio Hondo Symphony. It was held at the Vic Lopez Auditorium at Whittier High School in Whittier California which is located at 12417 E. Phila

  • US-Russian Relations
    10 Pages
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    US-Russian Relations
    Course: POLYSCI 100
    School: Vanderbilt

    Page 1 On Track For Success United States-Russian Relations By: Alexander Litt Quic kTim eTM and a TIFF (Unc om pressed) decom pressor are needed to see this picture. ? Page 2 Since the middle of the nineteenth century, compromises such as the U

    4 Pages
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    Course: RUSS 0090
    School: Pittsburgh

    RUSS 090 TERMS FOR REVISION EXAM 2 REMINDER: You are expected to be familiar with all the readings assigned (fairy tales, theoretical excerpts, on-line texts) as well as with the art and film clips shown in class. As you know, you must be able to app

    7 Pages
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    Course: EUH 3206
    School: University of Florida

    EUH MIDTERM 1 Alsace-Lorraine Peace to end Franco-Prussian war, 1870-1, Treaty of Versaillesharsh peace from France demanding Alsace-Lorraine territory from Germany (german speaking areas, part of German political system until 1600s and taken over by

  • Russian Hist 1-25
    3 Pages
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    Russian Hist 1-25
    Course: HIST 225
    School: American

    I. Kiev's Apex and Fall A. Features of the Kievan Polity Ruling elite o Borrowed Kagan system from the steppe peoples o Unlike in western Europe, inheritance went to all the sons (not just eldest) Very effective during growth for first hundred years

  • Position paper_Russo Jap War
    4 Pages
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    Position paper_Russo Jap War
    Course: HIST 451
    School: N. Arizona

    Lena Lander January 31, 2007 HIS 451 Position Paper The victory of Japan over Russia in the Russo- Japanese War in 1904-05 was the final event that lead to the Russian Revolution in 1905, because it resulted in the already existing anger and dissati

  • Origins of War Notes
    9 Pages
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    Origins of War Notes
    Course: GOVT 1817
    School: Cornell

    Origins of War Notes First World War Before the war (late 1800s) hope, enlightenment 4 empires were destroyed. -aus-hungary, ottoman empire, Weimer Republic, Romanov Dynasty Hurt Europe in terms of economics, democracy (instead communism, totalitaria

  • September 7 - American Russian Relations 1776-1917
    2 Pages
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    September 7 - American Russian Relations 1776-1917
    Course: HISTORY 354
    School: Rutgers

    History of the Cold War September 7, 2007 American-Russian Relations, 1776-1917 Periods of Modern Russian History o Until February 1917: Imperial Russia or Tsarist Russia o February to October 1917: Provisional Government o October 1917 to December

  • lecture 22
    2 Pages
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    lecture 22
    Course: HIST 2B
    School: UCSB

    Fri. 3/7/08 Hist2B: lecture 22 What is modernization? - Broad-spectrum historical process that has profoundly changed societies and human life during the last 500 years or so - It is NOT same as westernization, the global expansion of European tech

  • notes 11-27
    3 Pages
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    notes 11-27
    Course: MUS 15
    School: UCSB

    Music 11/27/07 19th century opera chart Wagner German Norse mythology; Germanic legend Complex melodies; Leitmotifs Epic drama Continuous: no separate movements Early 20th Century timeline 1894: Debussy Afternoon of a Faun o 1912: ballet version 1912

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