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The Immunities of States and their Officials in International Criminal Law (Oxford Monographs in International Law)
The Immunities of States and their Officials in International Criminal Law (Oxford Monographs in International Law)

Author: Rosanne van Alebeek

ISBN: 9780199232475

Documents: 15

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  • Absolute v Qualified Immunity
    1 Pages
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    Absolute v Qualified Immunity
    Course: LAW Civ Pro I
    School: SMU

    Absolute v. Qualified Immunity in Leatherman Protection of municipality from being held liable under 1983 on respondeat superior theory does not encompass "immunity from suit"; unlike various government officials, municipalities do not enjoy immunit

  • LECTURE 1-27-08
    17 Pages
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    LECTURE 1-27-08
    Course: POLS 331
    School: Wisc Eau Claire

    LECTURE #2 COMPETING PERSPECTIVES ON THE STUDY OF IR AND IL THE REALIST SCHOOL Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) Emphasis on the State as the unit of analysis The Anarchic nature of international system The pursuit of Realpolitik Global politics based on str

  • Immune.08
    39 Pages
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    Course: BSCI 110B
    School: Vanderbilt

    0 NOTE! These files are provided for the sole purpose of assisting BSci 110 students to study for exams in the class. Some of the material in these files may be copyrighted, and it is not OK for you to share these files with anyone who is not a stude

  • MMG 301 Study Guide L38
    3 Pages
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    MMG 301 Study Guide L38
    Course: MMG 301
    School: Michigan State University

    MMG 301 Final Exam Study Guide Lecture 38: Epithelium: a tissue composed of layers of cells which line the cavities and surfaces of structures throughout the body. Antigen: a molecule capable of interacting with specific components of the immune syst

  • 1205538399
    7 Pages
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    Course: BIO 172
    School: Hawaii

    Chapter 43 The Immune System Reconnaissance, Recognition, and Response An animal must defend itself from microorganisms it may encounter many dangerous pathogens in the environment Two major kinds of defenses have evolved that counter these threa

  • Federal Courts - 2006 -STAFF
    28 Pages
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    Federal Courts - 2006 -STAFF
    Course: LAW 6521
    School: Colorado

    Federal Courts INTRODUCTION TO FEDERAL COURTS AND THE RULE OF LAW The rule of law: federal courts acting legitimately within a rule of law system, as opposed to acting as a purely political institution Marbury v. Madison: The power of judicial review

  • Review Sheet - 2nd Exam - Spring 2008 (incl Marbury - activism)
    5 Pages
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    Review Sheet - 2nd Exam - Spring 2008 (incl Marbury - activism)
    Course: PSC 101
    School: Baylor

    Case Law/Concept Review Sheet: PSC 2302, 2nd Exam Note: Cases listed below are the ones most likely to be on the exam. The material on this sheet is not the only material that will be on the exam; however, most of the case law questions will come fro

  • AP Biology Animal System Review
    9 Pages
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    AP Biology Animal System Review
    Course: BIO 101
    School: E. Illinois

    AP Biology Animal System Review Chapter 40: Animal Form and Function Levels of Organization (i.e. tissues, organs) Cells, tissues, organs, organ system, organism Homeostasis-negative and positive feedback Negative Feedback and Stability The usual me

  • Micro Test 4
    52 Pages
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    Micro Test 4
    Course: BIOL 438
    School: Ferris State

    1 Micro Test 4 Immunology *Immunology is a LEARNED process - Recognition of your immunological self occurs at 30 days gestation - Basically your immune system learns what components are you - There are parts of our anatomy developed after 30 days BU

  • hw5solutions_BME210_2007
    11 Pages
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    Course: BME 210
    School: USC

    BME210 Spring2007 BME 210 Homework 5 Solutions Modeling the Spread of Disease Introduction: The field of epidemiology is the study of the causes, distribution, and control of disease in populations. This homework combines ideas from this branch of me

  • Midterm 1 Study Questions
    9 Pages
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    Midterm 1 Study Questions
    Course: SAS 15
    School: UC Davis

    Midterm study questions focus on biological and medical issues These questions cover material from lectures, the text, and the reader. Questions on the exam will draw on this material, but will not be worded in the same way. The questions on the

  • Chapter3_Federalism
    3 Pages
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    Course: PLS 100
    School: Michigan State University

    A Fickle Federalism | The American Prospect http:/www.prospect.org/cs/articles?article=a_fickle_federalism A Fickle Federalism The Rehnquist Court hobbles Congress - and the states, too. RICHARD BRIFFAULT | March 1, 2003 The revival of a doctrine

  • Constitutional Law - Collins 2006- Mazzuca
    9 Pages
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    Constitutional Law - Collins 2006- Mazzuca
    Course: LAW 6005
    School: Colorado

    Deciding whether a statute is valid; a hierarchy of the three branches and state governments I Judicial review (Judiciary vs. Congress or Executive) A Court has power to invalidate acts passed by legislature and executive when they are in conflict wi

  • Legal Studies Midterm Study Guide Part 2
    3 Pages
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    Legal Studies Midterm Study Guide Part 2
    Course: LEGAL STA 101
    School: UPenn

    From the Course Pack Nature of Law Legal Sanctions are means by which the law enforces the decisions of the courts. Law and Morals are different but overlapping; law provides sanctions, while morals do not. Law and Justice are separate and distinct c

  • Ch 43 Notes
    10 Pages
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    Ch 43 Notes
    Course: BIOLOGY 101
    School: Rutgers

    Chapter 43 The Immune System 4-3-06 Immune system -internal defense system; protects against certain toxins and disease causing organisms; made of many types of cells and tissues throughout the body; pathogens -disease-causing organisms; include viru

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