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Computer Applications in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Computer Applications in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Author: Ronet Bachman

ISBN: 9780079132314

Documents: 15

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  • Lecture October 14
    8 Pages
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    Lecture October 14
    Course: DSOC 207
    School: Cornell

    Lecture October 14: Sociological theories of crime a. Problems with official poverty measure a. Out of touch with standards of living and consumption patterns: i. Childcare (working women with children under 6 increased from 15% to 58%) ii.transporta

  • Module 2 part 2 - Theories of Criminal Behavior - Lecture Notes
    10 Pages
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    Module 2 part 2 - Theories of Criminal Behavior - Lecture Notes
    Course: CJ 436
    School: SHSU

    Criminal Behavior Theories, Typologies, and Criminal Justice J.B. Helfgott Seattle University CHAPTER 2, Part 2 Theories of Criminal Behavior CJ 436.01 & 436.02 Spring 2009 Theories of Criminal Behavior, continued from last week Its, I dont know,

  • SOC241 Criminology Lecture Notes
    6 Pages
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    SOC241 Criminology Lecture Notes
    Course: SOCIOLOGY 241
    School: UMass (Amherst)

    Criminology Class Lecture Notes An Introduction to Crime, Criminology, and the System of Justice Emphasis on The nature of crime- especially the moral and political nature of decisions to make some conduct criminal What we know about dont know abou

  • SOC Notes
    5 Pages
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    SOC Notes
    Course: SOC 441
    School: Oregon State

    SOC Notes 4/6/2008 9:18:00 PM What Is Theory? Theory, if developed properly, is about real situations, feelings, experience, and human behavior. An effective theory helps us to make sense of facts that we already know and can be tested against new

  • CRIM 4700FALL 2007 FINAL
    6 Pages
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    CRIM 4700FALL 2007 FINAL
    Course: CRIM 4700
    School: Auburn

    CRIM 4700 FALL 2007 FINAL LUCKEY November 1, 2007 CHAPTER 7 STRAIN THEORIES Robert Merton is the founder of Strain Theories. He says that because of the AMERICAN DREAM there is social inequality. The American Dream has a different meaning for differe

  • gangs
    6 Pages
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    Course: SOWK 223
    School: Tulane

    Gangs Final Paper December 12, 2007 The two theories that I believe best characterize inner-city gangs and gang violence are the Social Disorganization/Ecology and Labeling Theories. No single theory can fully explain any social phenomenon, so I chos

  • Criminology - Exam 1 Study GuideSpr06
    4 Pages
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    Criminology - Exam 1 Study GuideSpr06
    Course: S/CJ 213
    School: Scranton

    Criminology Spring 2006 Dr. Roberts Exam 1 Study Guide Readings & Other materials AML Book Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 "A rapist's homecoming" by L. Wright Video "The Profile of Jeffrey Dahmer" Key Names & Terminology Chapter 1 Terrorism & the "wheel of t

  • criminaljusticechap1
    4 Pages
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    Course: GOVT 243
    School: Christopher Newport University

    Chapter 1 Crime- conduct in violation of the criminal laws of a state, the federal government, or a local jurisdiction, for which there is no legally acceptable justification or excuse. Individual rights- The rights guaranteed to all members of Ameri

  • Sociology Practice Exam 2
    6 Pages
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    Sociology Practice Exam 2
    Course: SOC 101
    School: New Mexico

    Sociology Practice Exam 2 Try to answer these after you have studied for the exam. At first, don't use your notes. When you finish, compare your answers to the answer key and look at the questions you missed. This should give you an idea of what area

  • 012w1d2
    12 Pages
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    Course: SOC 012
    School: Penn State

    Marijuana Smoking Is it a crime? Why? Is it deviant? Why? Does it depend? On What? Today's Class Defining Crime and Deviance Perspectives on Law Consensus Views Conflict Views Defining Criminology The Domains of Criminology Crime and Devian

  • soc 040 discussion study guide
    14 Pages
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    soc 040 discussion study guide
    Course: SOC 40
    School: UC Riverside

    Part I. Theory Evaluation 1. What is the difference between a micro and macro theory of crime? Micro addresses why are there variations in groups rates of crime and Macro explains why there are some individuals who are more likely than others to comm

  • CRJS 215 Chapter 8,9
    22 Pages
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    CRJS 215 Chapter 8,9
    Course: CRJS 215
    School: Old Dominion

    Social Conflict and Developmental Theories Understanding Crime We left off discussing theories why crime occur The opinion you hold affects crime fighting tactics. That impacts quality of life, schools, taxes What is Social Conflict Theory? Con

  • Chapter 1 Test
    4 Pages
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    Chapter 1 Test
    Course: CJS 100
    School: Detroit Mercy

    Your Results for "Chapter Test" Site Title: Criminal Justice Today Book's Criminal Justice Today 9 Title: Book's Schmalleger Author: Location Chapter 1 > Chapter Test on Site: Date/Time September 17, 2007 at 4:59 Submitted: PM (EDT) Summary of Result

  • soc final qs ii
    4 Pages
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    soc final qs ii
    Course: SOC 2070
    School: Cornell

    Hagan and McCarthy MEAN STREETS ~What is the relationship between youth homelessness and street crimes according to Hagan and McCarthy? The experience of street life itself raises the likelihood of a youth engaging in serious theft. Street life for t

  • Exam #1 Study Guide
    9 Pages
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    Exam #1 Study Guide
    Course: SOCY 2044
    School: Colorado

    Sociology 2044 Crime and Society Exam 1 Study Guide February 3, 2009 Materials Readings: Pages 1152 Video: The Bad Seed (select chapters) Terms o Criminology tends to focus on the phenomena of crime and criminals; tends to be more o Cri

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