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Development with a Body: Sexuality, Human Rights and Development
Development with a Body: Sexuality, Human Rights and Development

Author: Sonia Corrêa

ISBN: 9781842778913

Documents: 15

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  • Outline_Rubin-1
    13 Pages
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    Course: LGBT UNKNOWN
    School: Kent State

    Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality Gayle Rubin I. The Sex Wars A. "The time has come to think about sex" (3). 1. There are times, like the present, when we live with the possibility of destruction that people become

  • Legal Age of Sexual Consent2
    8 Pages
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    Legal Age of Sexual Consent2
    Course: WRIT 340
    School: USC

    Sze-Kai Wong (Kenny) Warren WRIT 340: Section #66772 Date: October 17, 2007/10/18 Assignment #2 Business and Politics/Policy Paper 1 Lower Legal Age of Sexual Consent in California Human society is changing rapidly. The average first time sex age

  • Notes on Pornography
    4 Pages
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    Notes on Pornography
    Course: PHL 304
    School: University of Texas

    Notes on Pornography PHL 304 Michael Sevel Origin of the Word The word `pornography' has an interesting history. (You guessed it: more Greek words!) It comes from two Greek words: graph, meaning anything written (not just words, but also pictures), a

  • Government 3665 Study Guide Part 3_StudyGuide
    7 Pages
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    Government 3665 Study Guide Part 3_StudyGuide
    Course: GOVT 3665
    School: Cornell

    Populists and Populism I. Historical context A. Gilded Age of big business B. No major difference between Republicans and Democrats C. Panic of 1890s led to discontent among farmers II. Currency and conspiracy A. Inflationists debtors and coinage of

  • Exam II Essays
    2 Pages
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    Exam II Essays
    Course: HIST 1378
    School: U. Houston

    Exam II Study Guide- Essays 4. Examine changing sexual behaviors using "Sex O'clock in America" and "Sexual Mores in the World of Youth". The 1920's brought about a huge sexual revolution. Prior to this period of time, sexuality was not something to

  • Summary_BusComm_Ch2 Ch3
    7 Pages
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    Summary_BusComm_Ch2 Ch3
    Course: BUSINESS business c
    School: Seneca

    BUSN 333-801 821 935 319 Professor: Marion Krien Student Name: Lan Yao Student #: Part 1 Understanding the Foundations of Business Communication Ch.2 Communicating in Teams and Mastering Listening and Nonverbal Communication Team: is a unit of tw

  • Soc 202 Ch 6 Outline
    5 Pages
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    Soc 202 Ch 6 Outline
    Course: SOC 202
    School: N.C. State

    _ _ Instructors Manual 71 Chapter 6 Sexuality and Society _ Detailed Outline I. Understanding Sexuality Sexuality is not just about having sexit is a theme found throughout society. In spite of its importance, few people really understand sexuality.

  • Summary_BusComm_Ch4
    4 Pages
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    Course: BUSINESS business c
    School: Seneca

    BUSN 333-801 Professor: Marion Krien Student Name: Lan Yao Student #: 821 935 319 Part II Applying the Three-Step Writing Process Ch.4 Planning Business Messages Understanding the three-step writing process Your message must: have a purpose, foc

  • The Gender of Sexuality
    4 Pages
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    The Gender of Sexuality
    Course: SOC 372
    School: Washington

    Chapter 1: Sexual Desire and Gender Biological/physiological context of sex the use of genitalia to reproduce Social context a means of communicating feelings to each other, satisfying egos Sexual behavior the sexual acts that people engage in, no

  • BusinessEthicsTheUltimateFinalStudyGuide
    29 Pages
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    Course: B A 242
    School: Penn State

    Business Ethics (The Ultimate) Final Study Guide Chapter 10: Business, Government, and REGULATION! I. A Clash Of Ethical Belief systems -Individualistic ethic of business vs the collectivist ethic of government II. Interaction among Business, Governm

  • Class Notes Test 1
    9 Pages
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    Class Notes Test 1
    Course: SOCY 1006
    School: Colorado

    Note Outlines Merely basic guidelines. You should fill in as much detail, examples, etc as you need for future understanding and comprehension of these concepts I. Week One-Intro to instructor and class Secret Promise-if you actively engage with read

  • chapter1
    20 Pages
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    Course: ECON 2006
    School: Virginia Tech

    Chapter 1 Exploring Human Sexuality: Past and Present Human Sexuality in a Diverse World Define sexuality History of sexuality " Evolution " Ancient civilizations " Religion " Early sexual reform movements Sexual images in our culture " Media Ea

  • The Care of the Common 2
    16 Pages
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    The Care of the Common 2
    Course: LS 140
    School: Berkeley

    The Care of the Common: Politics in an Age of Uncertainty Hans Sluga We are standing today on the edge of a cliff and notice the ground before us falling away: we see an uncontrolled growth of world population, a quickly disintegrating environment, t

  • Business 020--GM exam review
    26 Pages
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    Business 020--GM exam review
    Course: PSYCH, POL 020
    School: UWO

    General Management Exam Review Wednesday, April 23, 9:00am - 1:00pm Confirm your exam room GM Framework Overview ! " " "Want" Analysis Owner's personal objectives, implications Business objectives, implications PEST implications Consumer analysis

  • notes 5
    2 Pages
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    notes 5
    Course: WOM STD 10
    School: UCLA

    2/20/08 Women's Studies Lecture Notes 1. Key Concepts a. Social construction of sexuality b. Same-sex sexuality c. 100% straight 2. The social construction of sex a. Rupp: What counts as sex? i. Ritual ingestion of sperm? ii. Romantic friendship? 1.

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