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Therapeutic Hypnosis With Children And Adolescents
Therapeutic Hypnosis With Children And Adolescents

Author: William Wester II and Laurence Sugarman

ISBN: 9781845900373

Documents: 15

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  • PSYC_Study Guide
    3 Pages
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    PSYC_Study Guide
    Course: PSYC 101
    School: UNC

    Tyshia Hedgspeth PSYC Recitation #609 STUDY GUIDE Pages 154-158 Hypnosis THEORIES Theories have been developed to explain hypnosis, but still not well understood Most theories attribute hypnotic effects to dramatic role playing or to special, alte

  • Chapter 9
    57 Pages
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    Chapter 9
    Course: PSYC 110
    School: Tennessee

    Consciousness Consciousness Chapter Questions 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 19, Levels of Awareness Sigmund Freud Conscious Unconscious Brain Activity Brain waves Beta Alpha Theta Delta Biological Rhythms Circadian Rhythms: Bio

  • Notes 2-20-08
    4 Pages
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    Notes 2-20-08
    Course: PSYCH 2
    School: Berkeley

    - - - - - - Dj vu o A feeling of uncanny familiarity with a strange person place or thing Spatial neglect o Is a tendency of persons who have right hemispheric damage to ignore information and sensations affecting the left side of the body Blin

  • Ch.7.ppt - F07
    41 Pages
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    Ch.7.ppt - F07
    Course: PSY 1305
    School: Baylor

    Chapter 7: States of Consciousness Consciousness our awareness of ourselves and our environments Daydreaming Fantasy Prone Personality imagines and recalls experiences with lifelike vividness spends considerable time fantasizing Hypnosis Hypnos

  • Chapter 5 - Outline - Consciousness-Body Rhythms and Mental States - 10-15-07
    8 Pages
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    Chapter 5 - Outline - Consciousness-Body Rhythms and Mental States - 10-15-07
    Course: PSYCH 105
    School: Allegheny

    Psychology Chapter 5 Outline 10/14/07 CONSCIOUNESS: BODY RHYTHMS AND MENTAL STATES Biological rhythm A periodic, more or less regular fluctuation in a biological system; it may or may not have psychological implications. Endogenous Generated from

  • Psych 101 - Hypnosis
    3 Pages
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    Psych 101 - Hypnosis
    Course: PSYCH 1101
    School: Cornell

    Hypnosis Lecture 09/23/06 Stage Hypnosis - 1) Is hypnosis necessary? No. - 2) The power of image, eg. Use last name - 3) The volunteers are already cooperative / extroverted - 4) The susceptibility test weeding out - 5) The trance induction are you

  • Supplemental_Readings_Summaries2
    8 Pages
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    Course: PSYCH 101
    School: Cornell

    Psych 101 Prelim 2 Review Supplemental Readings 09/11/2007 15:38:00 The Trouble with Hypnosis by Keith Harary Main Point: Hypnosis isnt a real thing People have claimed that hypnosis has let people: have operations without anesthesia, dislodge b

  • NOTES_Lec 1 (Ch 1 Abnormal Behavior)
    24 Pages
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    NOTES_Lec 1 (Ch 1 Abnormal Behavior)
    Course: PSY 3014
    School: VCCS

    Abnormal Psychology Chapter 1 Defining Abnormal Behavior Deviation from cultural/societal norms Statistical deviance/unusualness Personal discomfort Mental illness/disease Maladaptiveness Deviation from Cultural/Societal Norms No universal sta

  • dissociative
    5 Pages
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    Course: PSYCH 380
    School: UMass (Amherst)

    VI. Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders 1. Somatoform Disorders A. include a variety of conditions in which psychological conflicts become translated into physical problems that cause impairment in ones life B. Conversion disorder - involves the tr

  • Prelim 1 Xyes
    5 Pages
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    Prelim 1 Xyes
    Course: PSYCH 101
    School: Cornell

    1. Parents can most effectively increase their influence on their children by: a. helping to select their children's peers. 2. During a hearing test, many sounds were presented at such a low level of intensity that Mr. Antall could hardly ever detect

  • psych101 hypnosis
    2 Pages
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    psych101 hypnosis
    Course: PSYCH 1101
    School: Cornell

    Hypnosis November 19, 2007 Stage Hypnosis 1. Is hypnosis necessary? Cant be sure that hypnosis is taking place 2. The power image hypnotists 3. The volunteers already cooperative/extroverted 4. The susceptibility test weeding out 5. The trance in

  • Lec 10 - Consciousness
    51 Pages
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    Lec 10 - Consciousness
    Course: PSY 100
    School: Colorado State

    Consciousness Do YOU have consciousness? – A) No B) Yes C) I am unsure Do OTHER PEOPLE have consciousness? – A) No B) Yes C) I am unsure Do ANIMALS have consciousness? – A) No B) Yes C) I am unsure Do PLANTS have consciousness? – A) No B) Yes C) I am

  • SG RD 05
    4 Pages
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    SG RD 05
    Course: PSYCH 1071
    School: Temple

    Psych 1071 Ch. 5 Variations in Consciousness - Study Guide 1 Introduction, pp. 173-175 1. Define consciousness and discuss the nature of consciousness, 2. What are the evolutionary roots of consciousness? Biological Rhythms and Sleep, pp. 175-17

  • Psych CHAPTER_5
    5 Pages
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    Psych CHAPTER_5
    Course: PSYC 401
    School: New Hampshire

    CHAPTER 5 LEARNING OBJECTIVES When you have mastered the material in this chapter, you should be able to do the following: 1. Discuss the nature and evolution of consciousness, including its relation to brain activity. -Consciousness is the awareness

  • 4.Consciousness
    8 Pages
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    Course: PSYCH 1
    School: Berkeley

    * Important Notice Concerning Lecture Material * This file includes most, but not all, overhead material presented in lecture (e.g., some material may be altered or added in last minute changes) last-minute changes). The best use of this file is t

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