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The Essential Cosmic Perspective
The Essential Cosmic Perspective

Author: Jeffrey O. Bennett, Megan Donahue, Nicholas Schneider, Mark Voit

ISBN: 9780805393927

Documents: 15

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  • PHYS 1050 final-review
    12 Pages
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    PHYS 1050 final-review
    Course: PHYS 1050
    School: North Texas

    A Sample of Comparative Planetology Material The following slides are examples of ways to compare and contrast material presented in text and lecture. They are NOT meant as a comprehensive list of material to be included on the Final Exam. Refer t

  • Chapter 5 Book Notes
    3 Pages
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    Chapter 5 Book Notes
    Course: AST 180
    School: N. Arizona

    Astronomy 180 Chapter 5: Formation of the Solar System and Other Planetary Systems (Pages 118-136) Solar system the Sun, planets, their satellites, asteroids, comets, and related objects that orbit the Sun Formation of the Solar System: The solar sy

  • chapter 12
    84 Pages
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    chapter 12
    Course: ASTRO 1
    School: GWU

    Asteroids, Comets, and the Kuiper Belt Chapter 12 Remnants of Rock and Ice 12.1 Asteroids and Meteorites Our goals for learning What are asteroids like? Why is there an asteroid belt? Where do meteorites come from? What are asteroids like? As

  • ISP exam 2
    3 Pages
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    ISP exam 2
    Course: ISP 205
    School: Michigan State University

    Overview of the Solar System (6.1) - This test is on the Solar System (and solar systems), so knowing what is in our Solar System is an important first step. Terrestial Planet Geology (parts of 7.1 and 7.2) - Some important points are where does the

  • NATS 102 ch 9
    79 Pages
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    NATS 102 ch 9
    Course: NATS 102
    School: Arizona

    Chapter 9 Remnants of Rock and Ice Asteroids, Comets, and Pluto 9.1 Asteroids and Meteorites Our Goals for Learning Why is there an asteroid belt? How are meteorites related to asteroids? Asteroid Facts Asteroids are rocky leftovers of planet fo

  • Test 2
    10 Pages
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    Test 2
    Course: ASTRO 360
    School: Indiana State

    Astronomy (Geology 360, Physics 360) take-home test. Reminder: Test must be answered on a ScanTron sheet. Be sure to use a No. 2 pencil. Be sure to "bubble in" your name and Student ID on the ScanTron sheet. If you do not have a ScanTron sheet they a

  • summary3
    28 Pages
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    Course: AST 105
    School: SFASU

    Chapter 6 SUMMARY The solar system consists of the Sun and everything that orbits it, including the nine major planets, the moons that orbit them, and the many small bodies found in interplanetary space. The science of comparative p

  • Ch7
    4 Pages
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    Course: ASTRON 1
    School: Pasadena

    Assignment: Chapter 7 Class: Astronomy I Date: September 17th, 2007 Review Questions 1. Do all the planets orbit the Sun in the same direction? Are all of the orbits circular? If one observes the solar system from a point several astronomical units a

  • Exam 2 Study Guide
    3 Pages
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    Exam 2 Study Guide
    Course: AST 180
    School: N. Arizona

    ASTRONOMY 180 INTRODUCTION TO ASTRONOMY STUDY GUIDE-EXAM #2 FALL 2007 1. What are the three types of spectra? Absorption continuous color with black lines; Continuous all colors; Emission dark black continuous with colored lines 2. What are Kirchh

  • Chapter 6 Notes
    11 Pages
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    Chapter 6 Notes
    Course: ISP 205
    School: Michigan State University

    ISP 205 - Chapter 6 Page 1 6.1 A Brief Tour of the Solar System I. What Does the Solar System Look Like? A. Planets Fall into 2 major categories 1. Terrestrial a. small in mass and size b. close to the sun c. made of metal and rock d. few moons and

    22 Pages
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    Course: AST 1002
    School: University of Florida

    AST 1002 STUDY GUIDE - HOUR TEST 23/20/2007 10:25:00 PM 1. Doppler effect for sound, esp. for light and electromagnetic radiation - radial velocity vs. wavelength change=Doppler shift, "redshift," "blueshift" The Doppler shift measures only the porti

  • ASTR 1110 book summary - ch.7.2
    2 Pages
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    ASTR 1110 book summary - ch.7.2
    Course: ASTR 1110
    School: Colorado

    Astronomy Book Notes 7.2 Patterns in the Solar System What features of our solar system provide clues to how it formed? - Four major features of our solar system: o 1. Patterns of motion among large bodies. The Sun, planets, and large moons general

  • Astronomy Textbook Notes
    9 Pages
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    Astronomy Textbook Notes
    Course: ASTR 121
    School: UVA

    Chapter 19: The Origin of the Solar System 19-1 | Theories of Earth's Origin What theories account for the origin of the solar system? Rene Descartes proposed that the solar system formed from a contracting vortex of matter-an evolutionary theory. Bu

  • Lecture 7
    27 Pages
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    Lecture 7
    Course: ASTR 3
    School: UCLA

    Today in Astro 3 Healthy scones and unhealthy chips are available for the starving (one at a time, please) Cell phones off now, please Today: start Chapter 4 "The Solar System" Online quiz #2 covering chapters 2 and 3 is posted, due next Monday 10 p.

  • Chapter 9 Notes
    4 Pages
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    Chapter 9 Notes
    Course: ISP 205
    School: Michigan State University

    ISP 205 - Chapter 9 Page 1 9.1 Asteroids and Meteorites I. Differences and Similarities A. Asteroids rocky leftover plantesimals that couldn't become part of a planet 1. Undetectable to the naked eye 2. Move relative to the stars 3. Wide ranges of

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