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Introductory Plant Biology
Introductory Plant Biology

Author: Kingsley R. Stern

ISBN: 0075611872

Documents: 13

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  • 6- Eukaryotic Diversity, Protists Protozoa, Slime Molds, and Algae (Chapter 28)
    21 Pages
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    6- Eukaryotic Diversity, Protists Protozoa, Slime Molds, and Algae (Chapter 28)
    Course: BIOL 112
    School: Texas A&M

    Eukaryotic Diversity, Protists: Protozoa, Slime Molds and Algae Chapter 28 How Many Kingdoms? In recent years, major efforts to revise systematics of the "lower" eukaryotes Revisions have been stimulated by a mass of new data, especially from molecu

  • Practice_Prelim_1
    10 Pages
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    Course: BIO G 109
    School: Cornell


  • 5- Prokaryotic Diversity (Chapters 26-27)
    17 Pages
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    5- Prokaryotic Diversity (Chapters 26-27)
    Course: BIOL 112
    School: Texas A&M

    Diversity I: The Prokaryotic Domains Chapters 2627 Problems with Earliest Divergences Mechanisms for origin of life not fully understood Various models proposed: read Chapters 26 & 27 in Campbell Life arose perhaps 500 x 106 yrs after Earth forme

  • Bio lab write-up
    6 Pages
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    Bio lab write-up
    Course: BIOLOGY 100
    School: Milwaukee School of Engineering

    Concentration of Cell Division by Location in an Onion Root Tip Adam Klagues Brian Richard Kyongmin Song Milwaukee School of Engineering BI-102 Section 002 October 5, 2008 Abstract This study was conducted to determine if the concentration of cells

  • Exam review 2
    11 Pages
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    Exam review 2
    Course: BISC 220L
    School: USC

    BIO 220 Midterm 2 Review Sunday, March 8, 2009 bisc220sileaders@gmail.com Dr. McClure Brenda, Diana, Sarah & TJ http:/www.usc.edu/si Chapter 8: Metabolism Thermodynamics is the movement of _. The first law of thermodynamics states that __ _. The se

  • 150-08cellstructureandfunction[1]
    39 Pages
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    Course: BIO SCI 150
    School: Wisconsin Milwaukee

    Foundations of Biological Science I (BioSci 150) C Cells. Structure and Function It is the cell that is alive! Therefore. study cells to study life. Foundations of Biological Science I (BioSci 150) C A typical bacterium Prokaryotes lack organel

  • meiosis
    27 Pages
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    Course: BIOL 111
    School: Texas A&M

    Meiosis Objectives Explain why meiosis is essential to sexual reproduction List and describe, in order, the principal events of meiosis Identify the stages of meiosis from lily anther slides Use a simulation to demonstrate understanding of the key s

  • Bio Exam 3
    11 Pages
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    Bio Exam 3
    Course: BIO 181
    School: Arizona

    Antonio Alarcon Bio 3 Answer Key 08/21/07 1. (See Bio Exam 1 & 2) 2. Maintaning homeostasis Consists of maintaining internal bodily conditions within tolerable limits (depends on the dynamic action and interaction of a number of body systems. Regula

  • Bio Exam 2
    12 Pages
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    Bio Exam 2
    Course: BIO 181
    School: Arizona

    Antonio Alarcon Bio 2 Answer Key 08/19/07 1. (See Bio Exam 2) 2. Homeostasis Property of either an open system or a closed system which regulates its internal enviornment so as to maintain a stable, constant condition Peristalsis Rythmic contractio

  • pl div handout S07
    4 Pages
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    pl div handout S07
    Course: BIO G 104
    School: Cornell

    PLANT DIVERSITY AND LIFE CYCLES BioG 104 Lecture P. R. (Dick) Ecklund DEFINITIONS gamete: haploid sexual reproductive cell which, when fused with another gamete zygote, a cell with a diploid nucleus. In plants, animals and some protists, a zygote m

  • LEC 25
    51 Pages
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    LEC 25
    Course: BIS BIS 2C
    School: UC Davis

    BIS2C Winter 2009 (Ward) Lecture 25. Introduction to Metazoa (animals) Todays lecture (23 February) recap: eukaryote tree metazoan features major lineages of animals animal body plans & development Wednesdays lectures body plans & development

  • 2005 Midterm II
    8 Pages
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    2005 Midterm II
    Course: BISC 120Lg
    School: USC

    Midterm 2 Lecture Exam BISC 120 Fall 2005 (Bakus/Wetzer) Your name: _ Your TAs name: _ A. Multiple Choice (5 points each). Select the most appropriate answer and write the letter in the accompanying box. 1. Only about 10% to 20% efficiency occurs

  • 060223 study guide exam2
    7 Pages
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    060223 study guide exam2
    Course: BIOL 1120
    School: ETSU

    BIOL 1120: PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY II. FALL 2005. DR. MCDOWELL REVIEW GUIDE FOR BOTANY PORTION OF FINAL EXAM Plant Biology was covered on Exams I and II. The comprehensive portion of the final exam will include approximately 32 questions on plant biolo

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