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Why We Lie: The Evolutionary Roots of Deception and the Unconscious Mind
Why We Lie: The Evolutionary Roots of Deception and the Unconscious Mind

Author: David Livingstone Smith

ISBN: 9780312310400

Documents: 15

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  • 01-PsychologyOverview
    70 Pages
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    Course: PSYC 1101
    School: UGA

    Lecture Outline Boundaries of Psychology Biological versus cultural Perspectives in Psychology Psychodynamic Behaviorist Cognitive Evolutionary Psychology Psychology - scientific investigation of mental processes and behavior Psycho

  • Chaper 1
    4 Pages
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    Chaper 1
    Course: PSY 150
    School: Pacific OR

    Island, PSY 150, 1 Lecture Outline 1 (Ch. 1) Wednesday, 28-August 2007 These outlines are of value for two reasons: 1.) they act as concept maps of how topics/people relate to one another within psychology. This is important so that you can conceptu

  • PSY; Chapter 0; Prologue
    5 Pages
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    PSY; Chapter 0; Prologue
    Course: PSY 101
    School: Northeastern

    Introduction to Psychology 1. This course will give you an overview of contemporary psychology: a. History b. Fields of psychology c. Discoveries and future discoveries d. The application of psychological research 2. What is psychology? a. The scienc

  • Ch 1 Notes
    3 Pages
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    Ch 1 Notes
    Course: PSYC 107
    School: Texas A&M

    Psych 107 Chapter 1 Notes Psychology the SCIENTIFIC study of the human mind and behavior - Emphasis on science & scientific method - Internal structure of Human Brain Goals of psychology - Map out essentials of behavior and mind - Become more scien

  • Psychology 101
    12 Pages
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    Psychology 101
    Course: PSY 101
    School: Michigan State University

    Psychology 101 What is Psychology? Psychology is a word deriving from Greek roots: Psyche soul or mind; Logos word Psychology is the systematic study of behavior and experience (mental processes). 1/8/08 False Memory report that someone believes

  • PSYC 2000-2
    43 Pages
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    PSYC 2000-2
    Course: PSYCH 2000
    School: LSU

    PSYC 2000-Module 1 2009-01-14 Quiz When you look in the mirror and make an emotion, you begin to feel that wayTRUE Looking at others emotions makes you feel that way also No b/c it is manipulated for the audience Psyc-done in a systematic way to m

  • Psy1-2008_Intro-History
    20 Pages
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    Course: PSYCH 1
    School: Berkeley

    1: Introduction & History Psy 1, Spring 2008 * Important Notice Concerning Lecture Material * This file includes most, but not all, overhead material presented in lecture (e.g., some material may be altered or added in last minute changes) last-m

  • psyc1
    19 Pages
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    Course: PSYC 1101
    School: UGA

    Psychology Psychology - scientific investigation of mental processes and behavior Psychological processes influenced by: biological processes of cells within the nervous system context of cultural beliefs and values Biopsychology Biopsycholo

  • Personality Theories
    6 Pages
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    Personality Theories
    Course: PSYCH 1000
    School: Western Michigan

    Personality Theories Psych 1000 3/18/2008 7:03:00 PM What is Personality? Personality enduring patterns of thoughts and behaviors that occur across most settings Issues in the Study of Personality Nature vs. Nurture o Are people born with certain

    8 Pages
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    Course: ? ?
    School: Indian Hills CC

    PSYCHOLOGY FINAL EXAM 1. Personality is an individual's relatively consistent pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. 2. Freud's theory, psychoanalysis refers to the treatment of psychological disorders by seeking to expose and interpret the tensio

  • ps101hoffmantxtbookChapter 1
    11 Pages
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    ps101hoffmantxtbookChapter 1
    Course: PS 101
    School: BU

    Chapter 1: The Origins of Psychology I. The Study of Psychology a. Better understand our own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and attitudes b. Strengthen our appreciation of tolerance for the wide differences that exist among people c. Investigates a w

  • Handout+Chap.+15
    10 Pages
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    Course: PSYC 7A
    School: UC Irvine

    Personality The Psychoanalytic Perspective Personality Chapter 15 The Humanistic Perspective The Trait Perspective The Social-Cognitive Perspective 1 2 Personality An individual's characteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. Psychod

  • Psyc 107 Chapter 1
    9 Pages
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    Psyc 107 Chapter 1
    Course: PSYC 107
    School: Texas A&M

    Psyc 107 Chapter 1 What is Psychology? The Study of Psychology 9/17/2007 1:52:00 PM o Science with a special focus on behavior Primary Emphasis o Discovering and explaining the causes of behavior The word psychology comes from the Greek Words o Psu

  • Lec 1 + 2- defining and history
    4 Pages
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    Lec 1 + 2- defining and history
    Course: PSYCH 1003
    School: Trinity College Dublin

    SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 1 and 2- Defining social psychology and its history Notes from Chapter 12 of `Putting psychology in its place' Of all of Psychology's sub-disciplines, Social Psychology is that in which involvement with socio-cultural contex

  • RHCh12
    81 Pages
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    Course: PSY 301
    School: University of Texas

    Myers’ EXPL ORIN G PS YC HOLOGY (7th Ed) Chapter 12 Personality James A. McCubbin, PhD Aneeq Ahmad, Ph.D. (Modified by Ray Hawkins, Ph.D.) Worth Publishers Personality The Psychoanalytic Perspective Exploring the Unconscious The Neo-Freudian and Psycho

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