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Intermediate Algebra (6th Edition)
Intermediate Algebra (6th Edition)

Author: John S Tobey, Jeffrey Slater

ISBN: 9780321578297

Documents: 9

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  • Quadratic Equation
    39 Pages
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    Quadratic Equation
    Course: MATH 101
    School: South Texas College

    Quadratic Equation Standard form: , Where a does not equal 0. Note that in Tutorial 14: Linear Equations in One Variable, we learned that a linear equation can be written in the form ax + b = 0 and that the exponent on the variable was 1. Note that the di

  • intro_review_card
    2 Pages
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    Course: FOSEE CVL1040
    School: Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

    SC_03213974739_rp08.qxd 1/15/08 9:15 AM Page 1 Algebra Review Numbers FRACTIONS Addition and Subtraction i. To add or subtract fractions with the same denominator, add or subtract the numerators and keep the same denominator. ii. To add or subtract fracti

  • Alg_Complete
    352 Pages
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    Course: MATH 1214
    School: Lamar

    COLLEGE ALGEBRA Paul Dawkins College Algebra Table of Contents Preface . iii Outline . iv Preliminaries . 1 Introduction . 1 Integer Exponents . 2 Rational Exponents . 9 Real Exponents .

  • Alegbra
    31 Pages
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    Course: TED 455
    School: CSU Dominguez Hills

    ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS An algebraic expression is made up of the signs and symbols of algebra. These symbols include the Arabic numerals, literal numbers, the signs of operation, and so forth. Such an expression represents one number or one quantity. Evalu

  • 150ch1_3-5
    10 Pages
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    Course: MATH 150
    School: Texas A&M

    Math 150, Fall 2007, c Benjamin Aurispa 1.3 Algebraic Expressions A polynomial is an expression of the form: an xn + an-1 xn-1 + . . . + a2 x2 + a1 x + a0 The numbers a1 , a2 , . . . , an are called coefficients. Each of the separate parts such as a3 x3 o

  • Section 2: Vertex Form
    12 Pages
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    Section 2: Vertex Form

    Section 5.2 Vertex Form 441 5.2 Vertex Form In the previous section, you learned that it is a simple task to sketch the graph of a quadratic function if it is presented in vertex form f (x) = a(x - h)2 + k. (1) The goal of the current section is

  • tricky RITZ
    2 Pages
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    tricky RITZ
    Course: TRIG 1010
    School: College of Southern Nevada

    Solving Quadratic Equations A quadratic equation is an equation of the second degree, meaning that for an equation in x, the greatest exponent on x is 2. Quadratics most commonly refer to vertically oriented parabolas—that is, parabolas that open upward o

  • Solving Radical Equations
    22 Pages
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    Solving Radical Equations
    Course: MATH 101
    School: South Texas College

    Solving Radical Equations Step 1: Isolate one of the radicals. get one radical on one side and everything else on the other using inverse operations. In some problems there is only one radical. However, there are some problems that have more than one radi

  • Polynomials
    14 Pages
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    Course: MATH 101
    School: South Texas College

    Term A term is a number, variable or the product of a number and variable(s). Examples of terms are , z. Coefficient A coefficient is the numeric factor of your term. Here are the coefficients of the terms listed above: Term Coefficient 3 5 2 z 1 Constant

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