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Migrants to the Coasts: Livelihood, Resource Management, and Global Change in the Philippines (Case Studies on Contemporary Social Issues)
Migrants to the Coasts: Livelihood, Resource Management, and Global Change in the Philippines (Case Studies on Contemporary Social Issues)

Author: James F. Eder

ISBN: 9780495095248

Documents: 14

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  • lecture20(april15)
    21 Pages
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    Course: POLS 30260
    School: Notre Dame

    Lecture 20 Globalization and Immigration Lecture Organization Historical data on immigration The globalization of immigration What drives legal and illegal immigration? Benefits and costs of immigration Conclusion Migration in History Fo

  • 12 - Migration Terminology Measures
    6 Pages
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    12 - Migration Terminology Measures
    Course: SOCI 121
    School: UNC

    SOCI 121: Population Problems MIGRATION: TERMINOLOGY AND MEASURES Objectives: Define migration and talk about why it is important Discuss migration terminology and measures Class Notes: Migration: What is it and Why is it Important? Migration is

  • Week 5
    7 Pages
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    Week 5
    Course: INDV 102 0
    School: Arizona

    Marine Fisheries Common-pool resources Unpredictable of resources availability Overexploitation of commercial species Exclusion is difficult Uneven competition between different sectors Pollution Climatic Hazards: El Nino Weak, warm current

  • AS150 3-7-08
    15 Pages
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    AS150 3-7-08
    Course: ASIAN STUD 150
    School: Berkeley

    Malaysia & International Norms 3/7/2008 AS150, "Migration and Multiculturalism in Asia" Malaysia Amy Gurowitz, "Migrant rights and activism in Malaysia: Opportunities and Constrains" "Ethnic balance" in the post-colonial period Malays 50% "bumi

  • Southeast_Asia_Terms
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    Course: GEA 2000
    School: FAU

    Southeast Asia Terms Mainland countries o Burma o Laos o Cambodia o Thailand o Vietnam Island countries o Brunei o Malaysia (part of mainland peninsula and northern part of Borneo) o Philippines(7k islands) o Indonesia(13.6k islands) o East Timor o S

  • Geography CH 10
    6 Pages
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    Geography CH 10
    Course: GEOG 123
    School: SUNY Geneseo

    1. 2. 3. 4. The Current Geographic Setting Explain how plate tectonics play a role in creating the conditions for active volcanism in the Philippines and Indonesia. The irregular shapes and landforms of the Southeast Asian mainland and archipela

  • Geography Study Guide
    4 Pages
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    Geography Study Guide
    Course: GEOG 123
    School: SUNY Geneseo

    Geography Study Guide Command Economy: An economy in which government bureaucrats plan, locate, and manage all production and distribution Confucianism: Chinese Philosophy that teaches that the best organizational model for the state and society is a

  • ANTH Migration1
    23 Pages
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    ANTH Migration1
    Course: ANTH 101
    School: South Carolina

    Migration ANTH 102 Understanding Other Cultures Fall 2006 Migration Kinds of Migration Reasons for Migration New Trends in Migration Migration What is migration? What is a migrant? What is immigration? What is an immigrant? Kinds of Migrat

  • 101906
    3 Pages
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    Course: WOST 206
    School: Wellesley College

    101906 Why would someone want to go through all that? They aren't criminals, at least not under current law Convention of migrant's rights the rights they are promised why aren't they given those rights? Midterm framework of nationalism, women's mi

  • FinalExamStudyGuide
    2 Pages
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    Course: GEOG 102
    School: Hawaii

    Spring 2007 / Geog 102: World Regional Geography Final Exam Study Guide Thursday, May 10 12:00-2:00 The essay part of the final exam will focus on three regions (Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia) and will ask you to compare and contrast these reg

  • anthro101lec19.0305.y08
    9 Pages
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    Course: ANTHRO 101
    School: University of Michigan

    ANTHROPOLOGY 101 LECTURE 19-20: Making a Living 03.05-07.08 [Note: We'll spend part of Friday, March 7 with a powerpoint presentation from Fricke's work in North Dakota; the main intent of this presentation will be to illustrate material in the ess

  • CULANTH Lecture Notes 1
    9 Pages
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    CULANTH Lecture Notes 1
    Course: CULT-ANTH 94
    School: Duke

    Lecture 2: (Week Two) I. Anthropology Overview and Examples (Case Studies) A. Anthropology Defined as the Study of culture everywhere B. essential field work (a deep hanging out with the culture of study) C. Study of culture everywhere not just cul

  • Global Issues paper Fall 2007 Migration
    11 Pages
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    Global Issues paper Fall 2007 Migration
    Course: IAFS 1000
    School: Colorado

    Migration, a New Threat to the Westphalian State? Teri Paige Sweetin 810-81-2804 Global Issues and International Affairs Jonathon Berhon December 4, 2007 Word Count: 2043 Pick up any major newspaper today and I can almost guarantee you will find an

  • SOCI final
    5 Pages
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    SOCI final
    Course: SOCI 207
    School: Texas A&M

    Montejano 1 Rocio Montejano SOCI 207-Mrs. Moore Fall 2007 Final Exam 1. A true hermaphrodite has the ovarian or testicular tissue in the same gonad or opposite gonads. In fewer than 5% of cases, the infant has ambiguous genitals but still has the ovaries

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