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The Gendered Society
The Gendered Society

Author: Michael S. Kimmel

ISBN: 9780195125870

Documents: 15

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  • SOC 247 Final Review
    11 Pages
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    SOC 247 Final Review
    Course: SOC 247
    School: SUNY Stony Brook

    Jobs, Hierarchies, and Bodies. Acker According to Acker, how are organizations gendered? Gendered organization definition: Advantage and disadvantage, exploitation and control, action and emotion, meaning and identity, are patterned through and

  • SOC 247 Midterm Review
    14 Pages
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    SOC 247 Midterm Review
    Course: SOC 247
    School: SUNY Stony Brook

    Human Beings: An Engendered Species. Kimmel (R) What is the interplanetary theory of gender difference? Says that men and women are intrinsically different. There is a universal definition of masculinity and femininity all men and women embod

  • Kimmel worksheet
    2 Pages
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    Kimmel worksheet
    Course: WGS 180
    School: Mercer

    Reading Worksheet Kimmel, Chapter 3 Due Jan. 22 (You may simply type in your answers under each question. As much as possible use your own words to explain the concepts. If you must use Kimmel's phrasing, be sure to use quotation marks and put the

  • SOC 247 assignments
    6 Pages
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    SOC 247 assignments
    Course: SOC 247
    School: SUNY Stony Brook

    SOC 247-OTIS 1/31 Reading and Questions Human Beings: An Engendered Species. Kimmel (R) What is the interplanetary theory of gender difference? What are some problems with this theory? 2/5 Reading and Questions The Trouble with Testosterone. Sapolsky

  • 233 notes exam 1
    17 Pages
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    233 notes exam 1
    Course: PSYCH 233
    School: SIU Carbondale

    26Sep07 Monday, October 08, 2007 4:52 PM Homew ork o Cha pter 1 Cue Column Today's Topics o The Study of Gender Lecture Topic SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY Focuses on observable events and their consequences (rather than on unconscious motives and drive

  • philosophy paper midterm
    4 Pages
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    philosophy paper midterm
    Course: PHIL 101
    School: DePauw

    713966879 QUESTION #2 When Frye writes that adults are biologically gendered (feminine or masculine) Frye is claiming that feminism and masculinity are not innate characteristics, but are learned. Newborns are not masculine or feminine; rather, newbo

  • 067072d[1]
    9 Pages
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    Course: HIST 101
    School: Cal. Lutheran

    Male Privilege In a world where man is believed to be a major key player, the woman, in most cases, does not exist. What prevails in a world like this is patriarchy, a system of belief that centers on man the grandfather, the father, or the eldest m

  • Chapter 3 print version
    7 Pages
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    Chapter 3 print version
    Course: HD 2314
    School: Virginia Tech

    Chapter 3: Gender Development, Gender Roles, and Gender Identity Gender and Sex Sex biological aspects of being male or female Evidence for Nature and Nurture 1 in 2000 births involves a baby with ambiguous genitals or reproductive structures that

  • Sociology mid #5
    2 Pages
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    Sociology mid #5
    Course: SOCIOLOGY 106
    School: UMass (Amherst)

    Patrick Sullivan 11/07/06 Writing Prompt #5 Michael S. Kimmel views "masculinity as a constantly changing collection of meanings that we construct through our relationships with ourselves, with each other, and with our world."(Ore, 133) Kimmel believ

  • Anth Final review
    4 Pages
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    Anth Final review
    Course: ANTH 135
    School: E. Michigan

    Gender roles among 1. San 2. Hadza 3. Washo 4. Twi 5. Eskimo How does the distribution of valuable resources outside the family / household influence gender status Based on Friedl article Sex and Gender 1. Sex is biological a. Male & Female 2. Gender

  • SOC 211 Paper
    11 Pages
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    SOC 211 Paper
    Course: SOC 211
    School: Chapman

    1 Kathleen Cherrie Prof. Apodaca April 24, 2008 SOC 211 Research Paper Crossing Lines In today's society, people are taught to act a certain way and follow the rules or "social norms" that society has set out and whenever there is a disturbance in t

  • Notes (Week8) - Gender Differences
    3 Pages
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    Notes (Week8) - Gender Differences
    Course: PSC 245
    School: UC Davis

    Notes for Week 8 Dion & Dion, 1993 I) Individualism vs. Collectivism: a. Individualism the subordination of the goals of the collective to individual goals b. Collectivism the subordination of the goals of the individual to collectivist goals i. Wo

  • Psych- Final
    7 Pages
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    Psych- Final
    Course: PSYCH 102
    School: Arcadia University

    Gender Differences in Child Behavior Tamar Paltin April 2007 PY102 Gender differences in behavior are apparent to most individuals who work with, live with, or have even seen, children interact or play with each other. However, what is less underst

  • Research Paper
    11 Pages
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    Research Paper
    Course: FYS 101
    School: CSB-SJU

    Laurent King FYS 100 Ms. SY 15 November 2007 Children and Gender Role Identity and Stereotype Development "Family is the first school for young children, and parents are powerful models." This statement is clearly illustrated in the process of gen

  • ARC 455 - Study Questions - Conkey and Spector 1984
    3 Pages
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    ARC 455 - Study Questions - Conkey and Spector 1984
    Course: ARC 455
    School: Wisc La Crosse

    Marisa Meisner Spring 2008 Study Questions Conkey and Spector 1984 Archaeology and the Study of Gender 1. What are Conkey and Spector's two major purposes for this review and study of gender in archaeology? They believe that the study of gender and a

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