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Dimensions in Human Sexuality
Dimensions in Human Sexuality

Author: Curtis O. Byer, Grace Galliano, Louis W. Shainberg, Sharon P. Shriver

ISBN: 9780072412789

Documents: 15

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  • Soc 202 Ch 6 Outline
    5 Pages
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    Soc 202 Ch 6 Outline
    Course: SOC 202
    School: N.C. State

    _ _ Instructors Manual 71 Chapter 6 Sexuality and Society _ Detailed Outline I. Understanding Sexuality Sexuality is not just about having sexit is a theme found throughout society. In spite of its importance, few people really understand sexuality.

  • Psych 119 chapter 7
    35 Pages
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    Psych 119 chapter 7
    Course: PSYCH 119
    School: Western Washington

    Chapter 7 Sexual Lives & Orientations Sex & Gender: An Introduction (5th Edition) Hilary M. Lips How do expectations that men and women differ in their approach to sexuality actually relate to research findings about female and male sexuality? Cha

  • The Gender of Sexuality
    4 Pages
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    The Gender of Sexuality
    Course: SOC 372
    School: Washington

    Chapter 1: Sexual Desire and Gender Biological/physiological context of sex the use of genitalia to reproduce Social context a means of communicating feelings to each other, satisfying egos Sexual behavior the sexual acts that people engage in, no

  • Chapter 12
    3 Pages
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    Chapter 12
    Course: PS 101
    School: John Carroll

    Chapter 12: Motivation and Work Perspectives on Motivation Motivation is the energizing and directing of behavior, the force behind our yearning for food, our longing for sexual intimacy, our need to belong, and our desire to achieve. Instincts and E

  • Test 2 Study Guide
    4 Pages
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    Test 2 Study Guide
    Course: PSYC 359
    School: USC

    Learning Objectives and Study Guide for Test 2 At the conclusion of Chapter 7, students should be able to: 1. Define friendship, noting its affective, communal, and sociable aspects. Differentiate friendship from love using the five components of rew

  • bild 3 lecture 9
    3 Pages
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    bild 3 lecture 9
    Course: BILD bild 3
    School: UCSD

    A) B) 57 73 51 85 52 61 94 66 96 55 One mutational difference Asexual reproduction Sexual reproduction In this simulation, I have followed two populations made up of organisms with chromosomes carrying 100 genes, each of which has a low mutat

  • lecture16F06
    30 Pages
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    Course: IB 201
    School: UIllinois

    Lecture 16: Natural selection Assigned Readings: Natural selection fitness; micro- vs. macroevolution Patterns of natural selection directional, balancing, stabilizing, disruptive, diversifying An examples of directional and balancing selection HIV d

  • Outline_Rubin-1
    13 Pages
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    Course: LGBT UNKNOWN
    School: Kent State

    Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality Gayle Rubin I. The Sex Wars A. "The time has come to think about sex" (3). 1. There are times, like the present, when we live with the possibility of destruction that people become

  • Test 2 Study Guide - 2nd Half
    11 Pages
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    Test 2 Study Guide - 2nd Half
    Course: PSYC 338
    School: USC

    Learning Objectives and Study Guide for Test 2 At the conclusion of Chapter 7, students should be able to: 1. Define friendship, noting its affective, communal, and sociable aspects. Differentiate friendship from love using the five components of rew

  • sexual harassment and men
    7 Pages
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    sexual harassment and men
    Course: ENG 104
    School: Cal Poly Pomona

    Jans 1 Kelsey Lynnice Jans Professor Barbera Estermann English 104 November 18,2006 Sexual Harassment and Men Sexual harassment is usually seen as mainly affecting women. However, sexual harassment, in fact, affects the lives of men every day. Men

  • Sigmund Freud Essay
    2 Pages
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    Sigmund Freud Essay
    Course: HON 212
    School: University of Maine

    Robert J. England II HON 212 Section 007 Edith Elwood Freud Response Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, spent extensive amounts of study in human sexual development as one of his major contributions. He believe

  • 25 HD Lecture
    5 Pages
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    25 HD Lecture
    Course: HD 2160
    School: Cornell

    3/25 Human Development 216 Lecture SEXUALITY 1. Healthy vs. Unhealthy teen sexuality 2. Variables related to healthy and unhealthy teen sexuality: a. Age of adolescent (developmental) b. Context and nature of relationship c. Type of sexual activity

  • DisordersCommunication sex
    15 Pages
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    DisordersCommunication sex
    Course: BIO 50.230
    School: Bloomsburg

    Disorders/Communication Student: _ 1. It is sometimes interesting to note how some types of behavior undergo name changes. For instance, men who are not able to show signs of being sexually aroused are no longer called "impotent." Now, they have: A.

  • IB31Lecture+14+Outline+Evolution+of+Sex+I+Sp08
    6 Pages
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    Course: IB 31
    School: Berkeley

    IB31, Lecture 15 March 12, 2008 SEX: EVOLUTIONARY MECHANISMS I. Sex is an inefficient, risky way to reproduce. A. It takes time and energy to get the two gametes together. B. Recombination associated with sexual reproduction breaks down good gene com

  • Lec 08 Union
    6 Pages
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    Lec 08 Union
    Course: BIO 101
    School: Illinois State

    LEC 08 UNION SLIDE TEXT Revised - 2008-02-09 HUMAN SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS The last two lectures have provided you an understanding of the biological basis of sex and gender through genes, hormones, and environment. It is vital for the survival of the

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