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Women at the Gates: Gender and Industry in Stalin's Russia
Women at the Gates: Gender and Industry in Stalin's Russia

Author: Wendy Z. Goldman

ISBN: 9780521785532

Documents: 15

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  • Lecture - November 9
    3 Pages
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    Lecture - November 9
    Course: HIST 127B
    School: UCLA

    History 127B Professor S. Frank November 9, 2006 Goal: Stabilize the Russian economy to the point that they can raise the capital amount Vyshnegradskii find the resources at home above all in order to find the capital that he needed * He tried to do

  • 05-22-08 Cold War Culture
    4 Pages
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    05-22-08 Cold War Culture
    Course: HIUS 131
    School: UCSD

    Cold War Culture, 1947 -60s I. II. III. IV. The Consumer Republic The Red Scare Retreat from Radical Criticism Women and Gender Ideology in Post-WWII America I. II. Through the 1950s into the 1960s the impoverished still lied in the millions but t

  • Lecture 16 and 17
    9 Pages
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    Lecture 16 and 17
    Course: GLOBAL STU 1
    School: UCSB

    Lecture 16 and 17 I. II. III. IV. Women in 1900 Women members in U.S Two waves of women movements Friedman Lecture 16 Women in 1900 Everywhere women live under patriarchal rule reinforced by religious sanctions Everywhere women suffer domestic vi

  • lecture 22
    2 Pages
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    lecture 22
    Course: HIST 2B
    School: UCSB

    Fri. 3/7/08 Hist2B: lecture 22 What is modernization? - Broad-spectrum historical process that has profoundly changed societies and human life during the last 500 years or so - It is NOT same as westernization, the global expansion of European tech

  • Anth Final review
    4 Pages
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    Anth Final review
    Course: ANTH 135
    School: E. Michigan

    Gender roles among 1. San 2. Hadza 3. Washo 4. Twi 5. Eskimo How does the distribution of valuable resources outside the family / household influence gender status Based on Friedl article Sex and Gender 1. Sex is biological a. Male & Female 2. Gender

  • lecture15
    9 Pages
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    Course: POL SCI 139
    School: UCLA

    Announcement Extra office hours: Thursday from 11 am to 2:30 pm. Lecture 15 (March 4) :Globalization and other topics Globalization and partisan politics Globalization and gender Globalization and democracy Globalization and culture Globalizat

  • 13
    2 Pages
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    Course: HIST 1020
    School: Colorado

    Notes 11/13 Two parties are set up in Russia. Mensheviks, and Bolsheviks. What changes the power between the two parties is that the Petrograd Soviets claimed that they would give them food, money, and other social needs but never delivered, Lenin (B

  • RussianRev booknotes
    5 Pages
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    RussianRev booknotes
    Course: PHIL 320
    School: Montclair

    02/11/08 The Russian Revolution (Chapter notes - McKay) Russian Revolution (1917) Russia patriotic enthusiasm Tsar Nicholas II vowed never to make peace as long as the enemy stood on Russian soil Artillery barrages used up Russias s

  • final_exam_notes
    13 Pages
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    Course: GEOG 1001
    School: LSU

    I. II. Russia and the newly Independent States A. This chapter presents an alternatingly bleak and hopeful picture of the huge region that composes a large portion of the former Soviet Union. B. Fragments vary in size from Russia, a country more th

  • History Notes on 3-29-07 (From Jacey's Notes)
    6 Pages
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    History Notes on 3-29-07 (From Jacey's Notes)
    Course: HIST 002
    School: Drake

    History Notes on 3-29-07 5/7/2007 9:39:00 PM Lecture Outline Bolshevik Revolution, 20s Culture, and Depression I. Intro II. Bolshevik Revolution Tsar Nicholas II and the march Revolution Nobember Revolution and Civil War The New Soviet Government

  • 7 Hist Lect
    5 Pages
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    7 Hist Lect
    Course: HIST 2B
    School: UCSB

    3/7 Lecture 3/7/2008 9:02:00 AM What is modernization Broad-spectrum historical process that has profoundly changed societies and human life during the last 500 years or so. It is NOT the same as westernization, the global expansion of European tec

  • Peter the Greatshort
    44 Pages
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    Peter the Greatshort
    Course: HIST 195
    School: IUP

    Peter the Great The Westernization of Russia Russian Expansion to 1600 Peter the Great as Tsar Peters Background Peter I was born in 1672. He was Tsar Alexis first son of his second marriage. His mother was Natalia Naryshkin. He had two older h

  • Modern Western Civ Final Term Sheet
    14 Pages
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    Modern Western Civ Final Term Sheet
    Course: HIST 102
    School: Ithaca College

    Modern Western Civ Final Term Sheet Imperialism New Imperialism refers to the colonial expansion adopted by Europe's powers and, later, Japan and the United States, during the 19th and early 20th centuries; approximately from the Franco-Prussian War

  • ANTH 202 Midterm Notes
    12 Pages
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    ANTH 202 Midterm Notes
    Course: ANTH 202
    School: McGill

    ANTH 202 Midterm 1 Notes Fields of Anthropology o Archaeology o Physical/biological anthropology o Linguistic anthropology o Cultural/social anthropology Distinctive Features of Cultural Anthropology Anthropology: anthropos means human (man) and log

  • Asian+American+Psychology+Week+7+Gender
    12 Pages
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    Course: PSYC 141
    School: UC Irvine

    Asian American Psychology Gender Issues Yuying Tsong, Ph.D. ytsong@uci.edu Reminder Final in two weeks (50 multiple-choice questions) May use 3x5 inch index card (front and back) with notes Be prompt, and bring Scan-Tron Form Today's Lecture Ge

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