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Feminism in Twentieth-Century Science, Technology, and Medicine (Women in Culture and Society)
Feminism in Twentieth-Century Science, Technology, and Medicine (Women in Culture and Society)

Author: Angela N. H. Creager, Elizabeth Lunbeck, Londa Schiebinger

ISBN: 9780226120249

Documents: 15

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  • SampleA-2_Notes
    4 Pages
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    Course: COMM 2010
    School: Cornell

    Comm 201 Title: Feminism: Make it Yours. General Subject: Feminism Specific Subject: Modern feminism and how it relates to the audience Specific Purpose: To move the audience to adopt a feminist philosophy. Central Idea: Feminism has many misconcepti

  • Midterm Review
    2 Pages
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    Midterm Review
    Course: GENDER WOM 10
    School: Berkeley

    Midterm Review Sheet for Women, Men and the Rest of Us & World and the Body Vocabulary and Key Concepts These terms have been discussed specifically in the readings, in class lecture or discussion, in the provided vocabulary list. You should be famil

  • Wmst60Lecture1
    12 Pages
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    Course: WM ST 60
    School: UCSB

    Lecture 1 Introduction to U.S. Women of Color Feminisms April 5, 2007 Women's Studies 60 Dr. Mireille Miller-Young Goals of Lecture Provide a brief history of the women's movement and the rise of feminism and women of color feminism. Introduce som

  • IAH 201 #3
    12 Pages
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    IAH 201 #3
    Course: IAH 201
    School: Michigan State University

    National Identity and Gender: An Introduction Gender Definition Socially constructed beliefs about what it means to have particular sex organs Gender throughout the world Variations A 19th-20th century US middle class Separation of spheres Mal

  • PS 240 Final Questions
    8 Pages
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    PS 240 Final Questions
    Course: POLITICAL 240
    School: Kentucky

    PS 240 Final Exam Review Questions 1. Contradiction between declining number of Americans identifying themselves as feminists but continuing to support traditional feminist policies stems from the incorporation of feminist thought into everyday life

  • WMST2000cefinalstudy
    6 Pages
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    Course: WMST 2000
    School: Colorado

    Study Guide for the Final Exam WMST 2000 Introduction to Feminist Studies April 22, 2008 -Be prepared to explore how your views on feminist studies have or have not changed since the initial small group discussions from the beginning of the course. U

  • feminism paper
    3 Pages
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    feminism paper
    Course: WOMENS STU 102
    School: Wisconsin

    Laura Simon Section 302 Oct. 10, 2007 Second Wave of Feminism Feminism movements in the 60's, 70's, and 80's dramatically changed the view of women today. Most women today would call themselves social feminists, but there are also radical and libera

  • Sociology 1 Lecture13
    5 Pages
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    Sociology 1 Lecture13
    Course: SOC 1
    School: UCSB

    Sociology 1 Lecture #13 Notes on South Africa 1994-End of Apartheid 2/21/2008 12:22:00 PM Before 1994 South African blacks had been made to live in townships rural areas and could not move to cities without permission Settler Colony The Dutch (Afri

  • Study Guide for Test One on Wednesday February 20
    8 Pages
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    Study Guide for Test One on Wednesday February 20
    Course: SOCY 2077
    School: Colorado

    Study Guide for Test One on Wednesday February 20 Reading One-Bergers selection from Invitation to Sociology How is the claim Things are not what they seem related to sociologys method as discussed in the article and lecture and the grieving process

  • Sociology
    2 Pages
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    Course: CJ 2310
    School: Texas State

    Status- socially defined position in a group or society Social differentiation- process by which different statuses develop in any group, organization, or society Social stratification- relatively fixed, hierarchical arrangement in society by which g

  • SexAndThePoetry
    6 Pages
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    Course: ENGLISH 200
    School: SMU

    Kirsten Moran February 29, 2008 Poetry & Drama Sex and the Poetry Throughout history poetry’s acceptance in society has been ever changing. The opinion of poetry’s coexistence with mankind in society has been to the extremes, one being that poetry is host

  • Lecture 16 and 17
    9 Pages
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    Lecture 16 and 17
    Course: GLOBAL STU 1
    School: UCSB

    Lecture 16 and 17 I. II. III. IV. Women in 1900 Women members in U.S Two waves of women movements Friedman Lecture 16 Women in 1900 Everywhere women live under patriarchal rule reinforced by religious sanctions Everywhere women suffer domestic vi

  • Paper 1
    5 Pages
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    Paper 1
    Course: WMNST 001
    School: Penn State

    Caren Dombkiewicz WMNST 001 Biedendorf October 4, 2007 "Breaking the Beauty Myth" A huge problem has erupted in our society that has been developing for hundreds of years. Beauty standards for women are at an all time high. Too thin models are becom

  • 42208
    5 Pages
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    Course: POLS 106
    School: UConn

    End of Fascism and beginning of feminism 4/22/08 1. War brought an end to fascism. 2. International web of connectedness and support for organizations a. Anti people of color, very anti-immigration b. In the united states, they take the form of a lot

  • wmnst outline ch 1
    2 Pages
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    wmnst outline ch 1
    Course: WMNST 001
    School: Penn State

    1. Over the past century, there have been 3 waves of feminism: The 1 st wave of the feminism movement for equality began as early as 1792 with the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft's book A Vindication of the Rights of Woman . At the time, women had

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