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Fundamentals of Biogeography (Fundamentals of Physical Geography)
Fundamentals of Biogeography (Fundamentals of Physical Geography)

Author: Richard Huggett

ISBN: 9780415323475

Documents: 11

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  • Week1
    9 Pages
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    Course: EEOB 700
    School: Ohio State

    1. 2. Why is a taxon confined to its present range? What enables a species to live where it does, and what prevents it from colonizing other areas? What roles do climate, topography, and interactions with other organisms play in limiting the distrib

  • Week2
    24 Pages
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    Course: EEOB 700
    School: Ohio State

    Patterns of Biodiversity Biogeography's central tenet is that each species has a unique geographic range = basic unit of biogeography Range maps Outline depicts the range as an irregular area within a boundary Dot points plotted on map where s

  • lecture_notes_9_26_07
    5 Pages
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    Course: BIOCORE 301
    School: Wisconsin

    Lecture Notes 9-26-07 COMMUNITY: a group of species living together in the same place at the same time. How are Communities Organized? Community Concepts Community Structure-Focus on Diversity "Inputs and Outputs"-Focus on "Island Biogeography Inter

  • Biology - Week 7 Notes
    7 Pages
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    Biology - Week 7 Notes
    Course: BIOL 2108
    School: Kennesaw

    Biology 2108 Summer 2008 Dr. Davis Abbreviated lecture notes from the week starting 7/07/08 Corresponds with Chapter 50 in Campbell (7th Edition) 50 An Introduction to Ecology and the Biosphere The Scope of Ecology Ecology - Is the scient

  • ecology biomes
    29 Pages
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    ecology biomes
    Course: BIO 1306
    School: Baylor

    Today's Topics Ecology: The scientific study of the interactions between organisms and their environments. Biogeography: the science that documents and attempts to explain the patterns of distributions of populations, species, and ecological commun

  • CHAPTER_55
    3 Pages
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    Course: BIOL 1106
    School: Virginia Tech

    CHAPTER 55 - DYNAMICS OF ECOSYSTEMS Chapter Outline and Review are excellent. My Modification of the Chapter outline: Energy Flow in Ecosystems Trophic Levels Food Chains Ecological Pyramids Trophic Cascades Biodiversity Stability of Ecosystems Bioge

  • Cpt1_Rev_08_Stud1
    10 Pages
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    Course: GEOG 1101
    School: UGA

    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION: GEOGRAPHY MATTERS Chapter Objectives The objectives of this chapter are to illustrate: 1. Why places matter 2. How geography matters 3. The basic tools required for understanding geography Chapter Outline Why Places Matter (

  • Exam 1 Review
    2 Pages
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    Exam 1 Review
    Course: POL 1133
    School: Texas San Antonio

    Biology 3 Lecture outline and notes for test 1. Fall 2007 Use these notes as a study OUTLINE- you need to use your lecture notes and text to provide details of the subjects outlined below. Ch 22. Know briefly the points of view of some of the scient

  • 30 - community ecology
    9 Pages
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    30 - community ecology
    Course: BIO 325H
    School: University of Texas

    Community Ecology Community - all the interacting populations of organisms living together in a specific habitat or geographic area at a particular time Key questions about a community What species are there? What are the relative abundances of the

  • Ecology Notes Part #1
    17 Pages
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    Ecology Notes Part #1
    Course: BIOL 216
    School: Clark University

    I) What is Ecology? 1) Ecology is derived from the Greek "oikos" meaning home, or household a Same root as economy or economics 2) Ecology: the study of the relationships between organisms and their physical and biological environment 3) Ecology and

  • Week7
    14 Pages
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    Course: EEOB 700
    School: Ohio State

    Island Biogeography: Patterns in Species Richness Wallace, Darwin, Hooker David Lack (1947, 1976) - critical study of evolution and ecology of Galpagos finches Ernst Mayr (1942, 1963) - followed Wallace's footsteps in the East Indies G. Evelyn Hutchi

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