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War and the Transformation of Global Politics (Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies)
War and the Transformation of Global Politics (Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies)

Author: Vivienne Jabri

ISBN: 9780230006577

Documents: 15

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  • INTS 1700 Notes
    15 Pages
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    INTS 1700 Notes
    Course: INTS 1700
    School: Denver

    INTS 1700 Notes General Concepts I. II. Political Unit: Autonomous political entities; ex: Taiwan State-6 requirements 1. Sovereignty: sole use of force; political authority 2. Territory: Has to be defined and be recognized by international community

  • Lecture Notes - CH14
    6 Pages
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    Lecture Notes - CH14
    Course: INST 102
    School: Loyola Chicago

    CHAPTER 14 The Liberal Institutional Paths to Peace Chapter Outline I. International Law and World Order A. Law at the International Level: Core Principles 1. The Rules of International Law 2. Procedures for Dispute Settlement B. The Limitations of

  • Global Policy Brief
    7 Pages
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    Global Policy Brief
    Course: GLOBAL STU 2
    School: UCSB

    Globalizations Effect Upon International Politics and Religion Lawren Wylie June 3, 2008Spring 2008 TA: Caroline Le The effects of modern globalization on international religious and political affairs are powerfully exemplified in the African nation

  • Question 4_StudyGuide
    3 Pages
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    Question 4_StudyGuide
    Course: HIST 3140
    School: Cornell

    History 314 Final Study Guide Question 4 4. Writing in the mid-1980s, historian John Lewis Gaddis referred to the Cold War as the Long Peace because of the absence of the direct military confrontation between the two superpowers and the relative sta

  • Ancient Military History Notes
    11 Pages
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    Ancient Military History Notes
    Course: HSTAM 205
    School: Washington

    Ancient Military History Notes 31 March Will cover 7-8 wars. The Peloponnesian War in detail. Thucydides accounted and lived through the war. He asked the question "What is the nature of war?" Wanted to talk about the causes of war. He felt that it w

  • Lecture 2.12
    4 Pages
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    Lecture 2.12
    Course: POLI SCI 103
    School: Wisconsin

    Lecture 2/12/08 Liberal Theories - Realism offers mostly dominance solutions to the collective goods problems of IR - Alternative theoretical approaches that draw mostly on the reciprocity or identity principles are called liberal theories - These ap

  • 9 Formal Organization of International Politics
    28 Pages
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    9 Formal Organization of International Politics
    Course: POLI 150
    School: UNC

    The Formal Organization of International Politics Largely a 20th Century Phenomenon In 1900, about 37 International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) Mostly concerned with technical matters In 1997, about 260 IGOs War, peace, and security Econom

  • Chapter 3 Notes
    2 Pages
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    Chapter 3 Notes
    Course: POLI SCI 103
    School: Wisconsin

    Chapter 3: Alternatives to Power Politics Week 3-4 1. Wars in the latter half of the twentieth century have started waning. Nowadays there are far fewer deaths in clashes between actors 2. While realists see IR as power based, liberal theories seethe

  • CASE STUDY korea
    9 Pages
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    CASE STUDY korea
    Course: THTR 201
    School: Lafayette

    Jeff Mylet Government and Law 236 Professor Fabian 3/13/2008 CASE STUDY Korea The Korean War is not a simple topic that one can just read a few sentences about and feel that they fully understand the implications of it. To gain a perspective on thi

  • Causes of War
    4 Pages
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    Causes of War
    Course: PL SC 014
    School: Penn State

    PL SC 014 Wednesday, April 7th, 1999 Announcements: All Dan's sections have a quiz on Friday on North and South America Lecture notes: I. Causes of War A. Systemic Theories of War 1. There was a bipolar war during the Cold War a. You either had an allianc

  • Critical Thinking
    2 Pages
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    Critical Thinking
    Course: POL 155
    School: Northeastern

    President Bush's last State of the Union Address (Monday 38 th, January) In order to study and more accurately understand the real-world political developments occurring around them, political scientists must do two things: Ask the right questions Us

  • 10 EU Example
    12 Pages
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    10 EU Example
    Course: POLI 150
    School: UNC

    The Treaty of Rome, 1957 Creation of Common Institutions European Commission Council of Ministers European Court of Justice European Parliament Focus on Economic Integration, Particularly Creation of a Customs Union. Jean Monnet Widening Memb

  • Waltz Review Essay
    6 Pages
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    Waltz Review Essay
    Course: POLS 100
    School: Beloit

    1A Review of “Kenneth N. Waltz’s Structural Realism after the Cold War” Kenneth Waltz has easily been one of the most influential scholars for the world of international politics. Waltz has been turning out articles and books for nearly fifty years and ha

  • INT study guide
    6 Pages
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    INT study guide
    Course: INT 106
    School: Bentley

    IR is a field of political science that is concerned mainly with explaining political outcomes in international security affairs and in international political economy. Theories complement descriptive narratives in explaining international events and

  • Lecture 8
    3 Pages
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    Lecture 8
    Course: POL V53.0700
    School: NYU

    Lecture 8 1. Structural theories: a. Theories that discount domestic policies. b. Comparative politics ( within countries) and International politics i. Neither thought to be relevant to other ii. American politics thouught to be also separate c. Pol

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