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Terrorism in Perspective
Terrorism in Perspective

Author: Pamala L. Griset, Sue Mahan

ISBN: 9780761924043

Documents: 15

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  • Thinking_like_a_Sociologist_PPT_012609
    5 Pages
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    Course: DSOC 1101
    School: Cornell

    FAQ The Sociological Imagination DSOC 101 January 26, 2009 Reading assignments Writing Assignments Exams MultipleMultiple-choice & short answer 80% reading & 20% lecture Tips on how to prepare ExtraExtra-credit (max. 20 points/5 points

  • week 1
    5 Pages
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    week 1
    Course: SOCI 1002
    School: Carleton CA

    SOCI 1002 Lecture Notes: Week One - Microsociologists (interpretative sociologists): study society at the level of individual social interaction and interpretation of the social world as it is encountered through social processes. They also focus mor

  • midterm study guide
    12 Pages
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    midterm study guide
    Course: SOCI 101
    School: Ithaca College

    jdebias1@ithaca.edu ccheung1@ithaca.edu jleone1@ithaca.edu krupert1@ithaca.edu crazavi1@ithaca.edu 2. Social adaptation, cooperation and society 7. Social Bond and Conformity 8. Conformity, social control and community 13. Radical Humanism: Radical S

  • Sociology Notes Day 1
    4 Pages
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    Sociology Notes Day 1
    Course: SOCL 2000
    School: LSU

    Sociology Notes- Day 1 Overview What is Sociology? What is Sociological Theory? Major Theoretical Perspectives The Sociological Imagination What is Sociology? The scientific study of human societies and social behavior Studies the influence of

  • 1_18
    17 Pages
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    Course: SOCL 2001
    School: LSU

    Overview What What Major The is Sociology? is Sociological Theory? Theoretical Perspectives Sociological Imagination What is Sociology? The scientific study of human societies and social behavior Studies the influence of social relationshi

  • An Idea Whose Time Has Come - Babbie
    2 Pages
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    An Idea Whose Time Has Come - Babbie
    Course: SOC 110
    School: Washington

    An Idea Whose Time Has Come Earl Babbie THE DOMAIN OF SOCIOLOGY Sociology involves the study of human beings; the study of interactions and relations among human beings - Psychology is the study of what goes on inside individuals - Sociology addresse

  • Sociology Lecture Notes - August 30, 2006
    2 Pages
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    Sociology Lecture Notes - August 30, 2006
    Course: SOC 101
    School: Kentucky

    August 30, 2006 Sociology Lecture Notes I. Introduction: some background on the changing nature of societies II. The Sociological Perspective/ Imagination o Provides a different way of looking at life; and it contributes to our understanding of why p

  • September 6th
    2 Pages
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    September 6th
    Course: SOCI 201
    School: Delaware

    September 6th, 2006 Soci201-16 Victor Perez Sociology is a social science o Some argue that a social science should be objective and that sociological work is inherently biased (what we choose to study, how we approach it, what you do with the result

  • Criminology - Exam 1 Study GuideSpr06
    4 Pages
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    Criminology - Exam 1 Study GuideSpr06
    Course: S/CJ 213
    School: Scranton

    Criminology Spring 2006 Dr. Roberts Exam 1 Study Guide Readings & Other materials AML Book Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 "A rapist's homecoming" by L. Wright Video "The Profile of Jeffrey Dahmer" Key Names & Terminology Chapter 1 Terrorism & the "wheel of t

  • Lecture 2
    18 Pages
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    Lecture 2
    Course: SOC 302
    School: University of Texas

    Readings For today you should have read Chapter 1 For next Monday, read Babbie. For next Wednesday, Read Chapter 2 & Harris Sacred Cow Outline for the day The Sociological Perspective 3 perspectives within sociology Sociological Methods Please remem

    2 Pages
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    Course: SO 101
    School: N. Michigan

    1Define concepts sociology, theory, theoretical perspective, variable, hypothesis, sociological imagination, and micro-situations 2Whats the basic premise of sociology 3Differences between applied and basic sociology 4Diff between macro and micro soc

  • Exam III. Chapters 5.7.Study Guides.Socl 105.Orrange.W08
    2 Pages
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    Exam III. Chapters 5.7.Study Guides.Socl 105.Orrange.W08
    Course: SOCL 105
    School: E. Michigan

    Socl 105/Introductory Sociology/ Orrange/ Winter 2008 Chapter 5: "Groups and Organizations" Exam III: M 3/31/08 [Note: Always review items discussed in lecture: this study guide only pertains to material from your textbook] Key Items from Chapter -

  • Chapter1 the sociological perspective
    2 Pages
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    Chapter1 the sociological perspective
    Course: SOCL 2001
    School: LSU

    Chapter 1: The Sociological Perspective Sociology: the study of human social behavior Levels of Sociological analysis: - Macro level- large scale research - Micro level- small scale research Characteristics of Sociology: - Sociology is regarded to be

  • 30 Lecture
    4 Pages
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    30 Lecture
    Course: SOCY 1001
    School: Colorado

    Socy 1001 - Lecture 30/08/2007 12:02:00 Course Objectives and Tools • Develop and practice utilizing the sociological imagination o Individual in social context o Things are not what they seem – skepticism, look below the surface o Intersection of culture

  • 6_08_09_lecture_notes
    1 Pages
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    Course: SOCI 1301
    School: Austin Community College

    SOCI 1301 Lecture Notes 6/8/09 Peter Berger sociology = general in the particular C. Wright Mills sociological imagination individual problems are actually structural, cannot be changed by an individual. Class Gender Race Religion Age Job "Commo

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