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Crash Proof: How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse
Crash Proof: How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse

Author: Peter D. Schiff, John Downes

ISBN: 9780470043608

Documents: 15

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  • Econ final study guide
    10 Pages
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    Econ final study guide
    Course: ECON 200
    School: Arizona

    Econ 200 Final Study Guide, Page 1 STUDY GUIDE FOR ECON FINAL Macroeconomics: Study of the economy as a whole A. Economic Growth a. Definiton: Expansion in national output measured by the annual percentage increase in a nations real GDP. It is one o

  • Eco 1301 exam IV review
    12 Pages
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    Eco 1301 exam IV review
    Course: ECO 1301
    School: Baylor

    EXAM 4 ECONOMICS & BUS. HISTORY Lecture Notes Minimum WageDclass- Fallen or lowered in class, rank, or social position Industrial proletariatSherman Anti-trust act- as the first United States federal government action to limit monopolies. Clayton act

  • econ. review #1
    11 Pages
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    econ. review #1
    Course: ECON 102
    School: Wisconsin

    Econ 102 Review #1 MACRO ECONOMICS study of the economy as a whole, employment, inflation, and growth aggregation build mechanical models to explain behaviors intermediate relevance help design policies to invoke desirable aggregate outcomes (

  • Lecture_20___Fall_2007
    15 Pages
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    Course: AEM 2300
    School: Cornell

    Lecture 20 Alternative Views on Foreign Exchange Rate Determination "Elasticity" approach Concern about inherent instability of foreign exchange rate Chronic trade deficits thought to lead to an inherent tendency toward currency depreciation. Pr

  • Lecture1
    9 Pages
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    Course: ECON 758
    School: Wisc Whitewater

    Professor Yamin Ahmad, Advanced International Economics ECON 758 Professor Yamin Ahmad, Advanced International Economics ECON 758 Advanced I t Ad d International E ti l Economics i ECON 758 Professor Yamin Ahmad In This Introduction Branches of

  • AEM230___ProblemSet
    5 Pages
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    Course: AEM 2300
    School: Cornell

    AEM/ECON 230 International Trade and Finance Prof. David Lee Fall 2007 Problem Set #5 - Due November 30, 2007 Problem 1: Big Mac Index (36 pts). The "Big Mac Index" of The Economist magazine has been suggested as a rough approximation to estimating

  • Econ 2 Notes
    5 Pages
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    Econ 2 Notes
    Course: ECON 2
    School: UCLA

    Econ 2 Notes 1 Chapter 1 Definitions: 1.economics 2.opportunity costs 3.scarce 4.sunk costs the study of how to efficiently utilize scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants opportunity cost the best alternative that we give up when we make a choic

  • Notes_StudyGuide
    19 Pages
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    Course: AEM 4150
    School: Cornell

    LE 344 Notes- second half Oct. 1 and 8, 2008 - Adam Smith (1723-1790) o Productive labor is that which produces tangible objects with the help of manufactured goods Entire service sector = unproductive People should spend $ on goods, not services o

    5 Pages
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    Course: AEM 2300
    School: Cornell

    AEM/ECON 230 International Trade and Finance Final Exam May 18, 2007 Spring, 2007 1. (4 points each; 20 points total) The following terms (a p) relate to concepts and phenomena encountered in international finance and exchange rate determination.

  • Lecture4
    22 Pages
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    Course: ECON 2005
    School: Virginia Tech

    Announcements Good job on HW1! HW2 due Monday. 1 of 34 2007 Prentice Hall Business Publishing Principles of Economics 8e by Case and Fair Article Alert! Article Alert! Good examples of "unintended consequences" (remember "ignoring secondary

  • reviewsheet1spring2004
    5 Pages
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    Course: ECON 102
    School: Wisconsin

    Econ 102 Midterm 1 List of topics This is not meant to be a complete list, but is instead a guideline of many of the topics covered. Professor Kelly reserves the right to question material that is not listed here, or that is found in your text but w

  • Review Sheet Midterm 2
    10 Pages
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    Review Sheet Midterm 2
    Course: ECON 004
    School: Penn State

    Ian Overbaugh Macroeconomic Goals Economic Growth Full Employment Price Stability Chapter 7: Unemployment and Inflation Econ Midte rm 2 |1 Types of Unemployment: Frictional o Results from the fact that workers must search for appropriate job offers

  • AmEconHist_ClassNotes
    24 Pages
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    Course: ECON 305
    School: Rutgers

    American Econ History Notes January 25, 2008 Lecture 1 Colonial Period - Mercantilism 1. Definition of "Mercantilism" The opposite of free trade, a belief that government regulation of foreign trade Mercantilism supports "favorable balance of tr

  • Krugman Notes
    12 Pages
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    Krugman Notes
    Course: POLI 17
    School: UCSC

    Krugman Notes Introduction -American outlook on the economic future is not as bright as the previous generation. -Above all, jobs are still open for people, even during the 1990 slump unemployment was never greater than 7.7%. -Typical American famili

  • 7.01_econ_13
    51 Pages
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    Course: EE 366
    School: University of Texas

    Methods of Financing Chapter 15 Contemporary Engineering Economics 1 M Pore - 7.01 - econ 13.ppt Methods of Financing Equity Financing Capital is coming from either retained earnings or funds raised from an issuance of stock Debt Financing Mo

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