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When Smoke Ran Like Water: Tales Of Environmental Deception And The Battle Against Pollution
When Smoke Ran Like Water: Tales Of Environmental Deception And The Battle Against Pollution

Author: Devra Davis

ISBN: 9780465015221

Documents: 11

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  • Ambient Air Pollution
    3 Pages
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    Ambient Air Pollution
    Course: ENVIRONMEN 471
    School: Wisconsin

    Ambient Air Pollution 2/12/08 Ambient (outdoor) Air Polution: The outdoor air of the US was so dirty 75 years ago that people were dropping dead from it. Denora, Pennsylvania 1948: Built along the river because of its industrial workings, Population

  • Study guide midterm _1 S 08
    6 Pages
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    Study guide midterm _1 S 08
    Course: HP 400M
    School: USC

    HP 400 Midterm #1 Study Guide 2008 Borovay From Lectures and Textbook Assignments for Classes # 1 and 2: 1. Be able to define the term culture as presented in the lecture on Introduction to Culture A set of guidelines which tells us how to view the w

  • Chapter 12, lecture 7, for April 30, 2008
    21 Pages
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    Chapter 12, lecture 7, for April 30, 2008
    Course: BIO 1100
    School: Missouri (Mizzou)

    Causes & Risk Factors 3: Viruses Viruses: and other infectious agents are associated with cancers May cause decrease in immune system activity Kaposi's sarcoma occurs in people with AIDS Carry genes that transform cells insert oncogenes into host

  • ESciChap17 21
    6 Pages
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    ESciChap17 21
    Course: ENV 1112
    School: Catawba College

    Chapter 17 1. Define, pollution, pollutant, nonbiodegradable, point source, and nonpoint source of pollutants. Pollution the presence of a substance in the environment that, because its chemical composition or quantity, prevents the functioning of n

  • Chapter1 Epidemiology 37707
    45 Pages
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    Chapter1 Epidemiology 37707
    Course: HED 10520
    School: University of Texas

    Chapter 1 The History and Scope of Epidemiology Objectives Define epidemiology Explain the role of epidemiology in public health practice and individual decision making Define epidemic, endemic, and pandemic Understand basic vocabulary used in

  • Lecture 12
    7 Pages
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    Lecture 12
    Course: BIMM 134
    School: UCSD

    Lecture #13 Tuesday 5/13/08 -1- Announcements: - Midterm Scores. Official scores are posted: nowhere. But you can email me (tliu@ucsd.edu) if you want to know your score. o Scantrons. Scantrons were passed back in class on Tuesday. If you didn't p

  • lecture 20
    4 Pages
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    lecture 20
    Course: PUBLIC HEA 832:335
    School: Rutgers

    Goals Lecture 20 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology 1. Give examples of environmental agents and associated health outcomes Understand and describe landmark environmental and occupational studies 2. Health Consequences of Environmental

  • Lecture 5
    4 Pages
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    Lecture 5
    Course: CEE 260
    School: University of Michigan

    Risk Assessment Lecture#5 Risk Risk Assessment Potency Factor (ICP#1) Incremental Cancer Risk (ICP#2) Overview What is risk? What are the steps of risk assessment for pollutants? What do common dose-response curves look like? What is a potency facto

  • Chapter 14 notes
    6 Pages
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    Chapter 14 notes
    Course: HHP 110
    School: Fort Hays

    Chapter 14 Prevention of Cancer Personal Wellness Cancer is the Second Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. Cancer will strike three out of four families. 30% of U.S. citizens will develop some type of cancer in their lifetimes. Cancer is mos

  • KINE chapter 8
    6 Pages
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    KINE chapter 8
    Course: BUS 207
    School: Cal Poly

    Chapter 8: Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, and Other Disorders in Minority Americans Chronic Conditions: patient does not expect to fully recover and are usually accompanied by some sort of residual disability. Chronic diseases get progressively wors

  • Lecture_3%20-%206x%20F06
    7 Pages
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    Course: CEE 260
    School: University of Michigan

    Technology and the Environment Lecture #3 What you should know What are the major types of pollutants? What are the causes of pollution? What are the consequences of pollution? What are the solutions? Reading assignment: R: Ch 2 Environmental Disa

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