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Handbook of the Sociology of the Military (Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research)
Handbook of the Sociology of the Military (Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research)

Author: Giuseppe Caforio

ISBN: 9780387324562

Documents: 15

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  • Sociological Theories and Methods
    8 Pages
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    Sociological Theories and Methods
    Course: SOCI 206
    School: Texas A&M

    Sociological Theories and Methods The defining features of globalization Unprecedented interdependence at the world level "time-space compression" Decreasing utility of military competition end of the Cold War Increasing economic exchang

  • Sociology 1 Notes
    11 Pages
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    Sociology 1 Notes
    Course: CLASS 40
    School: UCSB

    Sociology 1 Notes 24/10/2008 18:05:00 The Sociological Imagination A primary feature of possessing the SI is the ability to paint a picture of the world one lives in. o 19th century theorists were all sociologists in this sense, they held the SI a

  • Prelim 2 Review
    8 Pages
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    Prelim 2 Review
    Course: SOC 101
    School: Cornell

    Prelim 2 Review I. Microsociology: How individuals interact with society A. Micro vs. Macro: 1) Macro: -treats collectives as the fundamental units of analysis -distinguishes different types (pre-indust) of societies and other social forms -attempts

  • week7.1ppt
    13 Pages
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    Course: SIS 200
    School: Washington

    Week 7: Revolutions in the Atlantic, Industrialization, and Nationalism in Europe 1750-1914, THE LONG 19TH CENTURY Pol and Socl Revolutions in late 18th-19th c. Am, Fr, Haitian, and subsequent rise of independence movements in L. Americ

  • IntroSoc-ch. 1 study guide
    3 Pages
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    IntroSoc-ch. 1 study guide
    Course: SOCIOLOGY unknown
    School: Mass Colleges

    09-08-07 Introduction To Sociology Study Guide Ch. 1 What is Sociological Imagination? The relationship between individual experiences and forces in the larger society that shape our actions; term coined by C. Wright Mills who pointed out differen

  • Exam 3 Terms
    8 Pages
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    Exam 3 Terms
    Course: SOCY 1000
    School: Auburn

    SOCY 1000 Exam 3 | Terms Chapter 9 Social stratification the division of large numbers of people into layers according to their relative power, property, and prestige; applies to both nations and to people within a nation, society, or other group S

  • sociology1&2
    3 Pages
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    Course: SOCI 10100
    School: Ithaca College

    Diviya Agrawal Introduction to Sociology Lessons 1&2 Questions 1, 2 & 5 9/12/07 1. Why study sociology, what is sociology? How might sociology help you think about what you take for granted to be 'true, beautiful and just and good' ? You must supp

  • SOC 101- Lecture 11
    3 Pages
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    SOC 101- Lecture 11
    Course: SOC 101
    School: Princeton

    Lecture 11 How do you connect personal problems to society problems? Ex. Divorce When the average person gets divorce, he or she does not know he is in an overall trend of 50% divorce rate. Ex. unemployment Sociological imagination- connecting indivi

  • An Idea Whose Time Has Come - Babbie
    2 Pages
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    An Idea Whose Time Has Come - Babbie
    Course: SOC 110
    School: Washington

    An Idea Whose Time Has Come Earl Babbie THE DOMAIN OF SOCIOLOGY Sociology involves the study of human beings; the study of interactions and relations among human beings - Psychology is the study of what goes on inside individuals - Sociology addresse

  • Sociology Lecture Notes - August 30, 2006
    2 Pages
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    Sociology Lecture Notes - August 30, 2006
    Course: SOC 101
    School: Kentucky

    August 30, 2006 Sociology Lecture Notes I. Introduction: some background on the changing nature of societies II. The Sociological Perspective/ Imagination o Provides a different way of looking at life; and it contributes to our understanding of why p

  • 1aFinalConcepts
    9 Pages
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    Course: SOC 1A
    School: UCSD

    ,SOCL 1a: The Study of Society Fall 2007 Final Help CONCEPTS FROM LECTURE * Society Aggregate Behavior- Large numbers of people act in a similar manner, creating sociological, empirical patterns which can then be studied Externalities- the costs and

  • chapter1
    19 Pages
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    Course: SOCI 1100
    School: Minnesota Colleges

    Chapter 1 The Study of Society Chapter Outline What Is Sociology? The Emergence of Sociology Current Perspectives in Sociology The Science of Society Strategies for Gathering Data Sociologists: What Do They Do? Sociology The study of hum

  • Thinking_like_a_Sociologist_PPT_012609
    5 Pages
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    Course: DSOC 1101
    School: Cornell

    FAQ The Sociological Imagination DSOC 101 January 26, 2009 Reading assignments Writing Assignments Exams MultipleMultiple-choice & short answer 80% reading & 20% lecture Tips on how to prepare ExtraExtra-credit (max. 20 points/5 points

  • Week 2 Lecture Notes
    2 Pages
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    Week 2 Lecture Notes
    Course: SOCI 1002
    School: Carleton CA

    SOCI 1002: Lecture 2 Notes Epistemology- how do we come to know what we know? 1) There are things we believe as elements of faith. 2) There are things we are taught by tradition or society. 3) There are things we know because they have been told to u

  • Sociology_as_an_Individual_Pasttime
    8 Pages
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    Course: DSOC 1101
    School: Cornell

    Warning Concerning Copyright Restrictions The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries

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