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Case Studies in Interpersonal Communication: Processes and Problems (Wadsworth Series in Speech Communication)
Case Studies in Interpersonal Communication: Processes and Problems (Wadsworth Series in Speech Communication)

Author: Dawn O. Braithwaite

ISBN: 9780534565381

Documents: 13

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  • interpersonal relations assignment 1
    6 Pages
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    interpersonal relations assignment 1
    Course: MG 443
    School: Thomas ME

    Interpersonal Relations INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS 1 Interpersonal Relations: Organizations Concepts Chuck Mooney Thomas College Interpersonal Relations 2 INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS Organizational Behavior is defined as "a field of study that investig

  • OrgComm-Ch05ADW
    60 Pages
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    Course: COMM 425
    School: Ashford University

    Fundamentals of Organizational Communication Individuals in Organizations Chapter Five Individuals in Organizations Intrapersonal experiences comprises our personal needs, predispositions for behavior, communication competencies, and expectations.

  • ch.1notes
    6 Pages
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    Course: SPCM 1500
    School: UGA

    Ch. 1 Intro. To Interpersonal Communication Intro. Interpersonal communication is pervasive in our lives Communication Apprehension- the extent to which people exhibit anxiety about speaking to others Understanding Interpersonal Communication IC

  • Spring 08 Midterm Study Guide
    9 Pages
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    Spring 08 Midterm Study Guide
    Course: COM 252
    School: Kentucky

    Prof. Tamara Arrington COM 252 Interpersonal Communication Midterm Study Guide Spring 2008 From Ch. 1 and related lectures/class discussions Principles of Interpersonal Communication Involves a process of adjustment Every message has both a content

    5 Pages
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    Course: COMPARATIV 101
    School: Florida Coastal School of Law

    INTRO. & GEN'L. INFO: Comparative methodology: look for history/reasons behind the laws (beyond compare/contrast)/ no subst. law, only multiple foreign sources; Comparative perspective: widens perspective/understanding of your own system; Functionali

  • Homework 2: Extended Basic Interpreter
    4 Pages
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    Homework 2: Extended Basic Interpreter
    Course: CS 4536
    School: WPI

    CS 4536 - Extended Interpreters Assignment CS 4536 Homework 2: Extended Basic Interpreter Due: Thursday Jan 24, 11:59pm via turnin (assignment name hwk2) Collaboration Policy: Solo Write a parser and interpreter for the FWAE language (discussed in c

  • psych paper 2
    5 Pages
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    psych paper 2
    Course: PSYCH 116
    School: University of Michigan

    ASSIGNMENT 2 Educating Peter: A look into intelligence Marc Krieberg Umich Id: 55056448 10/30/2007 55056448 pg.2 When most people think of intelligence, they think of it just as one whole characteristic of a person. However, according to Howard Gar

    5 Pages
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    Course: PSYCH 111
    School: University of Michigan

    Introductory Psychology Assignment #2: Mental Retardation and Peter Gwazdauskas The documentary film entitled Educating Peter follows Peter Gwazdauskas, a third-grade child with Down syndrome, entering his first year in public school. Aside from b

  • Chapter 1
    7 Pages
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    Chapter 1
    Course: COM 225
    School: Michigan State University

    January 8, 2008 David Myer's Work- the Pursuit of Happiness Happiness Basic needs met o Food, water, safety shelter, health, clothing Have a meaningful activity or purpose o Helping others, teaching, volunteering Then additional wealth had no effect

  • ES-ch. 1 notes
    1 Pages
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    ES-ch. 1 notes
    Course: COMMUNICAT unknown
    School: Mass Colleges

    09-05-07 Effective Speaking Notes-Chapter 1 -public speaking is both a personal act and a social act involving other people -importance of speech skills recognized in 1964 (fed govt. mandated speech training in the Primary and Secondary Education

  • Exam 1 SP08 Study Guide
    1 Pages
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    Exam 1 SP08 Study Guide
    Course: COMM 1113
    School: The University of Oklahoma

    Study Guide COMM 1113, Exam 1 Suggested topics to read and understand before your first exam: Chapter 1: The Communication Process: An Overview What to know: The definition of communication Communication as a linear process (including the 5 stages) I

  • Review%20for%20Exam%202
    1 Pages
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    Course: MATH 1400
    School: North Texas

    Review for Exam #2 COMM 1010 Exam #2 will consist of 42 objective questions (multiple choice, true/false, and matching each worth 4 points) and 1 essay question (worth 32 points and selected from three options). Bring a pencil to the exam. Researchin

  • midterm study guide
    1 Pages
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    midterm study guide
    Course: COM 100
    School: Michigan State University

    COM 100 MIDTERM EXAM REVIEW SHEET Use this review sheet to focus your studies for the COM 100 midterm exam. This review may not include everything on your exam, and there may be items on this review sheet that will not be on your exam. However, you s

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