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"They Say / I Say": The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing with Readings

Author: Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, Russel Durst

ISBN: 9780393931747

Documents: 15

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  • ch03
    20 Pages
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    Course: COMM 401
    School: Maryland

    CH03.QXD 7/30/2004 9:04 AM Page 37 Chapter 3 ANALYZING SITUATIONS [I wish I could sing!] I speak to you as an American Jew. As Americans we share the profound concern of millions of people about the shame and disgrace of inequality and injustice w

  • ch05
    26 Pages
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    Course: COMM 401
    School: Maryland

    CH05.QXD 7/30/2004 9:05 AM Page 75 Chapter 5 ANALYZING ARGUMENT In 1973, feminist scholars Ehrenreich and English published a slim volume entitled Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers. They began as follows: Women have always

  • ch02
    16 Pages
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    Course: COMM 401
    School: Maryland

    CH02.QXD 7/30/2004 9:04 AM Page 21 Chapter 2 THE CRITICAL PERSPECTIVE As our coaches used to say, OK, people, settle down and listen up. We have been enjoying a lovely little spate of French-bashing here lately. Jonah Goldberg of The National Revi

  • ch07
    26 Pages
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    Course: COMM 401
    School: Maryland

    CH07.QXD 7/30/2004 9:13 AM Page 125 Chapter 7 ANALYZING SYNTAX AND IMAGERY [T]he scene amidst which we stand does not permit us to confine our thoughts or our sympathies to those fearless spirits who hazarded or lost their lives on this consecrate

  • ch08
    26 Pages
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    Course: COMM 401
    School: Maryland

    CH08.QXD 7/30/2004 9:14 AM Page 151 Chapter 8 ANALYZING LEXICON Give rest, O Christ, to thy servant(s) with thy saints, where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting. Thou only art immortal, the creator and maker of mank

  • ch06
    24 Pages
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    Course: COMM 401
    School: Maryland

    CH06.QXD 7/30/2004 9:13 AM Page 101 Chapter 6 ANALYZING FORM LEAR: Attend the lords of France and Burgundy, Gloucester. GLOUCESTER: I shall, my liege. [Exeunt Gloucester and Edmund.] LEAR: Meantime we shall express our darker purpose. Give me the

  • Study Guide for Final
    28 Pages
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    Study Guide for Final
    Course: CMST 1061
    School: LSU

    CMST 1061 Study Guide for Final Model of Communication Sender Receiver M essage - Verbal/nonverbal C hannel - how are you sending the message (ex. Email, phone) Feedback - taking notes, eye contact Interference - E xternal (lecturing then loud music plays

  • Term Paper
    19 Pages
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    Term Paper
    Course: CORE 179
    School: Colgate

    2007 CORE 179: Tibet Carly Weil [THE EFFECTS OF THE WESTERN WORLD ON TIBETAN BUDDHISM] 1 The world is an ever shrinking place. What once was a vast space of unknown territory can now be completely traversed in a matter of days. People on opposite e

  • exam 1
    5 Pages
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    exam 1
    Course: COMM 401
    School: Maryland

    COMM401 RHETORIC o o o o The art of using language to help people narrow their choices among specifiable, if not specified, policy options. Rhetoric is an active art, Its creative NOT a science. Rhetoric sets humans apart from other species 5 Ps: Things t

  • Week 1 - Assessing Writing Situations - Part 1
    33 Pages
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    Week 1 - Assessing Writing Situations - Part 1
    Course: WRIT 200
    School: Arizona Western College

    Week 1: Assessing Writing Situations What is rhetoric? Introduction Regardless of the writing task, whether its a business memo, research essay, cover letter, police report, or instructional guide, writers must understand the rhetorical context of a situa

  • Dylan Essay2
    6 Pages
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    Dylan Essay2
    Course: ES 105
    School: BU

    Yun 1 Yun, Seongwhan Kevin Barents CAS WR150 - (section A1) 3/5/08 Dylan a Poet? Samuel Johnson once said, Poetry is the art of uniting pleasure with truth. In other words, poetry is a way to express one`s feeling of happiness and sorrow towards an i

  • Discussing the Variations of Poor Talent in Wordsworth's Preface
    8 Pages
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    Discussing the Variations of Poor Talent in Wordsworth's Preface
    Course: ENGL 4538
    School: GA Southern

    Harris Cavion Harris Literary Criticism: Costomiris Wordsworth 11.2.08 Discussing the Variations of Poor Talent in Wordsworths Preface The dilemmas of William Wordsworths poetryin regards to the type of people who are to read and understand his poetr

  • kennedyquestions
    2 Pages
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    Course: COMM 3300
    School: Colorado

    Rhetorical Foundations COMM 3300 Reading Questions 1: KennedyRhetoric in Greece and Rome Directions: These questions are designed to serve as either a homework assignment or preparation for an in-class quiz. Because you dont know what youll encounter

  • Lec8
    6 Pages
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    Course: PIC 10B
    School: UCLA

    Lecture 8: Template Classes PIC 10B Todd Wittman Sec 22.3: Template Classes We can use templates to design general-purpose classes. We've actually already seen this in action with the vector class. vector v(10); v[3]=-42.3; vector s(

  • cs427-12
    42 Pages
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    Course: CS 427
    School: UIllinois

    Analysis/Design in XP Similar to RUP except that everyone does it little written, more oral less is done upfront CS427 12-1 Analysis in RUP (and XP) Gather use cases from customer Make initial object model For each use case: step through u

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