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Georgia O'Keeffe: Circling Around Abstraction
Georgia O'Keeffe: Circling Around Abstraction

Author: Jonathan Stuhlman

ISBN: 9780943411491

Documents: 13

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  • ART303-okeeffe lesson
    3 Pages
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    ART303-okeeffe lesson
    Course: ART 303
    School: Miami University

    Art 303 Secondary Lesson Plan Lesson Plan Title: Abstract Flowers with Georgia O'Keeffe Grade Level: 12th grade A. Goals: Goal 1: Historical, Cultural, and Social Contexts Goal 2: Creative Expression and Communication B. Objectives: The learner will:

  • B1510F07_L11_intro to ecology the physical env
    22 Pages
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    B1510F07_L11_intro to ecology the physical env
    Course: BIO 1510
    School: Georgia Tech

    Georgia Tech School of Biology Module 2: Ecology • The study of the interactions of organisms with their physical and biological environment. – Everything is connected to everything else. • Some examples questions that ecologists ask. • Major themes. – P

  • ART Appreciation sg
    3 Pages
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    ART Appreciation sg
    Course: ARTS 2000
    School: UGA

    Rembrandt- 17th Century, mastered chiaroscuro & dramatic lighting influence by Caravaggio Philosophy in Meditation, famous for his use of dark and light color Piearro Scurro, used impasto (smearing on paint thickly with a knife) brush strokes got th

  • KofunAsuka
    8 Pages
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    Course: AD 265
    School: N. Michigan

    List of Works and Terms (tentative) 2008 Oba AD265, Winter KOFUN PERIOD (c. 300-710) Kofun= old tomb Yamato state-region, district in Japan (around present day Koyoto) /clan Was most powerful in its time, imperial court established there Tomb of Em

  • Life Span Exam 2 Study Guide
    7 Pages
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    Life Span Exam 2 Study Guide
    Course: PSY 3341
    School: Baylor

    Life Span Exam 2 Study Guide_ Chapter 6 Perception Fantzs experiment on infant visual perception- what do they prefer to look at? o Infants prefer a clear pattern (ex. Black and white checkerboard) over a blank stimulus or an elaborate one such as

  • Notes
    4 Pages
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    Course: ARCH 3005
    School: LSU

    ARCH 3005: History of Architecture- Ancient to Medieval Midterm Oct 20 in class Final Dec 16 @ 7:30 Textbook- Buildings Across Time Nicholas Grimshaw Eden Project o Architect out of London o Located in Cornwall in Great Britain o Same latitude as Ne

  • 2604-Sp08-14s
    35 Pages
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    Course: BIOL 2604
    School: Virginia Tech

    Lecture #14 Viruses March 24th, 2008 General Properties of Viruses Replication of Viruses and Measurement of Growth Temperate Viruses Animal Virus Examples Non-Viral Self-Replicating Particles The Baltimore Classification Scheme Replication of DN

  • Week 15 AH 120
    5 Pages
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    Week 15 AH 120
    Course: AHIS 120g
    School: USC

    Week 15 AH 120 High Renaissance in Florence and Milan Leonardo da Vinci, Vitruvian Man Important for concept of architecture in the Renaissance Shows the relationship of man to the circle and the square ideal form for building churches at this time C

  • Lecture27-2A_000
    23 Pages
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    Course: PHYS PHYS2A
    School: UCSD

    Chapter 9 Gravitation II Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion Kepler's three laws make no effort to explain the planetary motion. Instead, they are mathematical descriptions of the planet's motion. 1. The planets orbit the Sun in ellipses with the Sun

  • Week 3
    5 Pages
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    Week 3
    Course: AHIS 120g
    School: USC

    Week 3 Cycladic 2500 BCE Male Lyre Player Sculpture in the round, body is simplified Reduced to geometric essentials Figure is in an expressive pose, get the feeling that figure is actually playing the harp The use of the harp symbolizes relation to

  • Stage Theories
    5 Pages
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    Stage Theories
    Course: RHET 1101
    School: UT Dallas

    Stage Theories Freud: Psychosexual Stage Theory One of the best known developmental theories How sexuality starts from a young age and develops through different fascinations If the stage are not psychologically completed, one can be trapped Psychoan

  • HistoryNotes-11-17-05
    3 Pages
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    Course: HIST-MASH AP Europea
    School: Allegheny

    11/17/05 - History Notes * Skepticism towards Copernicus' heliocentric theory - some aspects were proved to be true, some were proved inaccurate * One of the first to become skeptical about part of Copernicus' Theory - Tycho Brahe - 15461601 - Took i

  • 2007.10.11 - Lecture Title
    3 Pages
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    2007.10.11 - Lecture Title
    Course: HIST 119
    School: Wisconsin

    [LECTURE TITLE] History 119 Discussion 301 Platt October 10, 2007 NICOLAS COPERNICUS (1473-1543) - the last Ptolemaic thinker - guided by recently discovered texts of Plato - purest answer is the simplest answer - hypothesis guided by values of har

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