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Saipan: Oral Histories of the Pacific War
Saipan: Oral Histories of the Pacific War

Author: Bruce M. Petty

ISBN: 9780786409914

Documents: 12

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    3 Pages
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    Course: HIST 307
    School: Wisconsin

    TIMELINE: WORLD WAR II This is not an inclusive list of events surrounding World War II. For a much more exhaustive list, see the timeline at http:/history.sandiego.edu/GEN/WW2Timeline/. But don't get bogged down in every little detail as you study f

  • AA187C Week 2 Lecture 2
    9 Pages
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    AA187C Week 2 Lecture 2
    Course: ASIAN AM 187C
    School: UCLA

    AA187C Week 2 Lecture 2 Navigating Guam, Samoa and Hawaii I. Chamorro Society and Spanish Rule A. B. Reduccion (1668) Kustumbren Chamorro 1/17/2008 11:02:00 AM II. Faa Samoa A. Nuu, AliI and Tulafale B. The War of 1869-1973 III. Hawaiians and the

    37 Pages
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    Course: HIST 143
    School: E. Stroudsburg

    THE SECOND WORLD WAR The World at War Events Leading To War Japan 1931 Japanese occupation of Manchuria League of Nations & U.S. did not help Italy 1922 Fascist Benito Mussolini seized power Germany 1933 Adolf Hitler National Socialist

  • AA187C Week 3 Lecture 1
    6 Pages
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    AA187C Week 3 Lecture 1
    Course: ASIAN AM 187C
    School: UCLA

    AA187C Week 3 Lecture 1 1/22/2008 11:15:00 AM "The one [Kamehameha] who cares for the akua (gods) ahs died, and thus our free eating is pono (harmonious)." Hawaiian historian now they were free to eat whatever they wished, where before only certa

  • American Military History Essay
    6 Pages
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    American Military History Essay

    History 110: American Military History Final Exam Essay #1 With the Old Breed With the Old Breed, written by E.B. Sledge, is a personal account of the fighting during World War II in the South Pacific, specifically at Peleliu and Okinawa. Sledges d

  • The rest of the keywords
    4 Pages
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    The rest of the keywords
    Course: ASIAN AM 121030200
    School: UCLA

    Keyterms for Final 1. Mukden Incident Who: Japan, China, League of Nations What: Japan intentionally blew up its South Manchurian Railway and accused China for performing this act. Japanutilized the Mukden Incident as a pretext for invading China. As

  • Australia and the South Pacific Notes
    4 Pages
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    Australia and the South Pacific Notes
    Course: GEOG 001
    School: Vermont

    Australia and the South Pacific Environment low population isolation from rest of world o has resulted in distinctive ecosystem and challenges to the development of trade Australia large land mass, forms a continental shield Eastern highlands are rem

  • oldbreed
    6 Pages
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    Course: HIST 94
    School: Lehigh

    Matt Berger History 110 With the Old Breed Book Review: With the Old Breed With the Old Breed is a powerful memoir written by Marine veteran E.B. Sledge. Eugene Bondurant Sledge was born in 1923 in Alabama. He was attending a two-year military school

  • Terms Defined
    9 Pages
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    Terms Defined
    Course: HIST 373
    School: UNC

    Tactics Who: everyone, especially military people What: different strategies When: times of war or negotiation Where: in conflict Why: helps to achieve an objective Sig: Used to get an edge on their enemy, armchairdespot Strategy Who: Everyone, espe

  • Review for test 1
    9 Pages
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    Review for test 1
    Course: BCOR 3010
    School: Colorado

    Consequentialist theories o Utilitarianism- ends based, care about consequences Deontological (Nonconsequentialist) theories o End cannot justify the means o Care about process as much as outcome Virtue Ethics- The role of character (

  • bio213lecture9
    7 Pages
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    Course: BIO 213
    School: Cal Poly

    Biology 213 Week #11 Lecture Outline: Possible causes of neurological diseases in Micronesia Reading: JAMA Article posted on Blackboard California Biodiversity and Habitat Populations and Population Growth Humans have demonstrated a recent mas

  • WW2 â�� The War in the Pacific_NOTES
    2 Pages
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    WW2 � The War in the Pacific_NOTES
    Course: HIS 212
    School: UNC Greensboro

    WW2 The War in the Pacific -US were virtually alone in the Pacific. Unlike when fighting in Europe. -Japanese saw other Asian races as below them. -Meiji Restoration(1870)- An attempt to break away from Japanese traditions and embrace modern Western

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