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The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism
The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism

Author: Stefan Kühl

ISBN: 9780195149784

Documents: 15

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  • Nazi Germany
    14 Pages
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    Nazi Germany
    Course: HIST 2220
    School: Webster University Geneva

    Modern Europe. Term Paper: Dr. Sabina Donati German Nazism and the rise of Hitler By Numa Pigelet Thursday, February 27th "Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized." (Adolf Hitler, 6th Nuremberg rally, 1934)

  • why hitler 30 days
    6 Pages
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    why hitler 30 days
    Course: HIST 123
    School: Rhodes

    Rising to Please Germany's rise from the ashes is held in association with Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the nineteen-thirties. The unpredicted series of events that led to Hitler's coronation have been studied and used in prevention of such globa

  • Achilles-Historical-Survey
    146 Pages
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    Course: HIUS 342
    School: UVA

    HIEU 346/GETR 342 Postwar German Literature and Culture University of Virginia, Spring 2008 (Achilles) Germany 1871-1945 Historical Survey Unauthorized reproduction and distribution not permitted From Empire to Republic Germany, 1871-1914 Imperial

  • Other Discriminated Groups
    5 Pages
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    Other Discriminated Groups
    Course: JS 211g
    School: USC

    Other Discriminated Groups 10/29/07 jews were number 1 racial enemy nazis first went after political enemies because they were first priority new racial empire other ways nazis achieved their goals talked about mentally ill, rinland children that wer

  • Terms_for_Final
    4 Pages
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    Course: HIST 331
    School: Ohio State

    Terms for Final: Lecture 9: Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty On August 23, 1939 Hitler and Stalin signed a nonagression pact, called the Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty. General Government The General Government refers to a part of the territories of Poland u

  • Hist TERMS
    6 Pages
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    Hist TERMS
    Course: HIST 159
    School: UNC

    Stalingrad- Battle between Germany and its allies and the Soviet Union for the city of Stalingrad from August 21, 1942 to February 2, 1943. Considered the turning point of World War II and had over 1.5 million casualties, both civilian and military.

  • Week 7
    4 Pages
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    Week 7
    Course: HIST 1150
    School: University of Guelph

    Week 7: Genocide in the Twentieth Century: the Holocaust and Beyond February-26-08 4:02 PM Introduction o Holocaust was swept under the carpet Only became a large focus of history in the mid 1960s Many survivors didn't want to talk Political reasons

  • moderneurofinal
    13 Pages
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    Course: BUSA 101
    School: Northampton Community College

    MODERN EUROPEAN HISTORY FINAL EXAM Andrew Sobler 1) Nazi Germany, or the Third Reich, refers to Germany in the years of 1933 to 1945, when it was governed by the Nazi Party, and headed by Adolf Hitler as chancellor. Their foreign policy was based on

  • Week 4
    7 Pages
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    Week 4
    Course: HIST 1150
    School: University of Guelph

    Week 4: The Rise of Fascism in Inter-War Europe "Revolution of the Right" - Defining Fascism Rise Fascism State of the World Liberal political ideals Universal Suffrage Fall of about 4 empires (German, Austral-Hungarian, Ottoman, Russian) New Demo

  • longhistoryessay
    19 Pages
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    Course: HIST 102
    School: New Mexico

    Simon Reissmann Mrs. Bokovoy History 102 "The dignity of man shall be inviolable" (First sentence of the first article of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany established in 1949) Index of contents: Content Page How Erich Maria Remarqu

  • nov 14 2007
    4 Pages
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    nov 14 2007
    Course: HIST 1000
    School: Carleton CA

    Nts get notes from Kristina (haloween) Nov 14 2007 - social democrats key to the Weimar republic. - Centre party the catholic party (one of a few) party that german catholics rallied to - Left communists, right the nazi's - Impossible to not rela

  • The German Phoenix
    2 Pages
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    The German Phoenix
    Course: HIST 0011
    School: Tufts

    The German Phoenix; Hitler and the Nazis; Nazi Anti-Semitism & the Holocaust 1. The Weimar Republic, The Treaty of Versailles and the War Guilt Clauseformally declared in the last days of WWI on Nov 9, 1918.on July 31, 1919 it formally becomes known

  • Eugenics and Ethnic Cleansing
    1 Pages
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    Eugenics and Ethnic Cleansing
    Course: HIST 150W
    School: William & Mary

    Comparing Eugenics and Ethnic Cleansing The school of eugenics today calls to mind mentally handicapped victims strapped to doctors' operating tables, having their tubes tied as governments coolly pass the legislation that makes this possible. In tru

  • Final Exam Essay 2
    4 Pages
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    Final Exam Essay 2
    Course: HIST 3710
    School: Cornell

    Spilkowitz 1 Stephan Spilkowitz HIST 371, Sec: 6 Professor Weiss Final Exam Question 3:L December 10, 2007 Arguments are bound to arise in discussing which nation was responsible for the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. Seeing as Hitlers conq

  • Holocaust lecture
    5 Pages
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    Holocaust lecture
    Course: JS 211g
    School: USC

    2/7/08 Hitler: Why are there so many attempts to explain Hitler and his dictatorship Paradigmatic quality, paradigm for 20th century total claim of the state, no other time in history no one manipulated media, gather so many people, and promote ide

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