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Fix common grammatical errors

Identify all of the following examples of grammatical errors

  • Subject-Verb Agreement Errors

    Incorrect:"The team are playing well."

    Correct:"The team is playing well."

  • Incorrect Use of Apostrophes

    Incorrect:"Its a beautiful day."

    Correct:"It's a beautiful day."

  • Misplaced Modifiers

    Incorrect:"She almost drove her kids to school every day."

    Correct:"She drove her kids to school almost every day."

  • Incorrect Use of Commas

    Incorrect:"I love cooking my family and my pets."

    Correct:"I love cooking, my family, and my pets."

  • Incorrect Tense

    Incorrect:"Yesterday, I am at the gym for two hours."

    Correct:"Yesterday, I was at the gym for two hours."

  • Wrong Prepositions

    Incorrect:"She is good in singing."

    Correct:"She is good at singing."

  • Sentence Fragments

    Incorrect:"Going to the store. Buying some bread."

    Correct:"I am going to the store to buy some bread."

  • Run-On Sentences

    Incorrect:"I love taking walks I walk every day."

    Correct:"I love taking walks. I walk every day."

  • Wrong Word Usage

    Incorrect:"I should of gone to the meeting."

    Correct:"I should have gone to the meeting."

Fix common grammatical errors
Choose the right word for the job
Choose the right word for the job

Avoid making these common mistakes when choosing which word to use:

  • Affect/Effect

    Incorrect:"The new law didn't effect me."

    Correct:"The new law didn't affect me."

  • Then/Than

    Incorrect:"He is more skilled then her."

    Correct:"He is more skilled than her."

  • Your/You're

    Incorrect:"Your sure about that?"

    Correct:"You're sure about that?"

  • There/Their/They're

    Incorrect:"Their going to get there bags from they're car."

    Correct:"They're going to get their bags from there car."

  • Accept/Except

    Incorrect:"I'll except all flavors accept vanilla."

    Correct:"I'll accept all flavors except vanilla."

  • Complement/Compliment

    Incorrect:"Your shoes really compliment your outfit."

    Correct:"Your shoes really complement your outfit."

  • Loose/Lose

    Incorrect:"I hope I don't loose my keys."

    Correct:"I hope I don't lose my keys."

  • Principal/Principle

    Incorrect:"The school principle is a man of morals."

    Correct:"The school principal is a man of morals."

  • Advice/Advise

    Incorrect:"He gave me a great advise."

    Correct:"He gave me great advice."

  • Weather/Whether

    Incorrect:"I don't know weather to bring an umbrella."

    Correct:"I don't know whether to bring an umbrella."

Fix typos and spelling errors

Typos and spelling errors are inevitable but you can quickly catch them with our built-in spell check

Fix typos and spelling errors

Frequently asked questions

What is a proofreading tool?

A proofreading tool is a software or application designed to review, edit, and improve written content. It helps writers identify and correct errors related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. In addition, many proofreading tools offer features that enhance the style, tone, and overall quality of the writing. They provide real-time suggestions and corrections, enabling writers to create polished, professional, and effective content.