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Fix common spelling errors

Catch typos and common spelling mistakes by running them through our spell checker:

Non-English speakers often make specific spelling mistakes due to influences from their native language, pronunciation challenges, and unfamiliarity with English spelling conventions. Here are some common types of spelling errors they might make:

  • Confusing Vowel Sounds



  • Missing or Extra Letters

    Incorrect:"enviroment" or "begining"

    Correct:"environment" or "beginning"

  • Interchanging Consonants



  • Incorrect Use of Silent Letters

    Incorrect:"dout" or "lam"

    Correct:"doubt" or "lamb"

  • Misplacing 'i' and 'e'



  • Confusing 'b' and 'v'

    Incorrect:(Especially among Spanish speakers) "vase" for "base"


  • Mistaking 'ph' for 'f'



  • Errors with Double Consonants



  • Mistaking 'c', 's', and 'z' Sounds

    Incorrect:"advice for advise"


  • Problems with Irregular Spellings



Fix common spelling errors
Fix grammatical and syntactic errors
Fix grammatical and syntactic errors

Some common syntax mistakes that our spell checker will catch:

  • Run-on Sentences

    Incorrect:"I like to play basketball it is a fun game."

    Correct:"I like to play basketball. It is a fun game."

  • Sentence Fragments

    Incorrect:"Although he never tried."

    Correct:"Although he never tried, he always wanted to learn."

  • Misplaced Modifiers

    Incorrect:"He almost drove his kids to school every day."

    Correct:"He drove his kids to school almost every day."

  • Faulty Parallelism

    Incorrect:"She likes reading, baking, and to play basketball."

    Correct:"She likes reading, baking, and playing basketball."

  • Incorrect Word Order

    Incorrect:"The cat the mouse chased."

    Correct:"The cat chased the mouse."

  • Subject-Verb Agreement Errors

    Incorrect:"The team are playing well."

    Correct:"The team is playing well."

  • Incorrect Use of Prepositions

    Incorrect:"She is adept in painting."

    Correct:"She is adept at painting."

  • Dangling Participles

    Incorrect:"Walking down the street, the trees were beautiful."

    Correct:"Walking down the street, I thought the trees were beautiful."

  • Improper Use of Conjunctions

    Incorrect:"I wanted to buy a dress but I didn't have enough money, so I didn't know what to do but then my friend helped me."

    Correct:"I wanted to buy a dress but didn't have enough money. I didn't know what to do until my friend helped me."

  • Lack of Subject in a Sentence

    Incorrect:"Is a professional tennis player."

    Correct:"She is a professional tennis player."

Frequently asked questions

What is an AI spell checker?

A spell checker helps to instantly identify and correct spelling errors, ensuring that each word is accurately represented. A spell checker basically acts as a second pair of eyes, scrutinizing every word to ensure accuracy on any document you're working on. It can be used by business professionals looking to polish a presentation, a researcher double checking the writing of their academic paper or just someone sending an email to a friend.