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I need help please...i am taking my accounting 567, week 6 quiz...

I need help please...i am taking my accounting 567, week 6 quiz

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Internal Service Fund, Statement of Cash Flows. Prepare a statement of cash flows for the internal service fund for the city of Pearman from the following information: Cash on hand at the beginning of the year $185 Interest on investments 244 Wages and salaries paid (3,120) Purchases of supplies (1,250) Collections (for services) from other funds 6,000 Interest paid on long-term debt (215) Repayment of loans from other funds (715) Purchase of capital assets (920) Proceeds of revenue bonds 920 Purchase of investments (475) Proceeds from sale of capital assets 36 Proceeds from sale of investments 55 Loans from other funds 575 (Points : 40)
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