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Solved by Expert Tutors

hello I would like you to give me the answers for the questions this class is managerial accounting

I put up the numbers for each picture

I mean I renamed each pictureScreen Shot 2017-05-17 at 4.07.14 PM.png(6-18)2.png(6-18)3.png(6-19)1.png(6-19)2.png(6-20)1.png(6-20)2.png(6-20)3.png(6-21)1.png(6-21)2.png(6-22)1.png(6-22)2.png(6-22)3.png(6-23)1.png(6-23)2.png(6-23)3.png(6-23)4.png

6 Sailrl File Edit View History Bookmarks Window Help 9 m 4.? moxfl- Wed4:29l>M q E l .l -= . . . < . > ‘ : . _ ezlumheducatiumcnm C.
‘ ‘ ‘ Screen Shea Solv-:- M 8 201770 52 PM
rarz =' 1 b. Prepare an income aIa1ernern for year 1,year 2. and year 3. Screen Shot Screen Shot
2017~UE...0151PM 2017-05...3.55 PM Screen Shot Screen Shot Scre snm 201745-939 PM
zen-05.3.30 PM 2017‘” -'l3 PM 7 V 7 Screen 5 hot . Screen Shot 2017-05...9.14 PM
Total variable expenses 0 0 0 2017-05...8.30 PM Screen Shot
2017-0’ 0717 PM Varlable expenses: Fixed expenses: Tulal fixed expenm: I) 0
Net operafing inmme (less) S 0 S 0‘$ 0 3. Msume Ihe company um absorpfien casting: a. Compuie lhe unll product nut fur year 1, year 2, and year 3. (Ruund your Inhnnudllh and
final IHIWBI'I In 2 dacknll places.)
‘ Sailrl File Edit View History Boukmarks Window Help F7 E‘?
-= . . . ;-< I > i l : -l I ezlumheducatiumcnm (3‘ I El1 Solv-'- ”W “a rarz =' 3. Assume lha company uses absorplian nesting: a. Compule me unit producl noel lur year 1. year 25 and year 3. (Ruund your intermediate and
final answer: he 2 docinll places.) Screen Shot 2017-0’ 0717 PM
IUnil product Dost l Screen Shot
h. Prepare an inmrne mmement for year 1, year 2. and years. {Round yeur Imam-date ulculatienl lo
2 decimal places.) 2017-05...7.30 PM Mel operating inmme (less) $ 0| S 0 References eBonk & Resources 0L2“? Screen Shot
2017~UE... 0151 PM Scre Shel
20174) ."l3 PM Screen Shot
2017-0 5... 8.30 PM 1005: E- Wed 4:29 PM Q Screen Shel
2017’” 52 P" 2017u05...9.os PM Screen Shel Sc reen Shot
2017-05...3.55 PM Screen Shot
2017-05..r9.09 PM Screen Shot
2017-05...9.14 PM
< ) E I Problem 6-19A Variable Costing Income Statement Reconciliation [LOG-2. LOG-3] During Heeton CompIny's first two yeeni of operations, the company reported Ibeorption “sting net
operating income as follows: Your 1 You 2
Sales (@ $60 perunil] 3 1,050,000 $ 1,650,000
Gustaf goods sold (Q 538 per unit) 665.000 1,045,000
Gross margin 385.000 605.000
Selling and administrative expensee' 304,500 334,500
Net operating inmme 5 90.500 5 270,500 ' $3 per unit variable: $252,000 fixed eed'r year. The company‘s 538 unit product mm is mmputed as follows: Direct matan‘alc S 9
Dirad labor 10
Variable manufacturing overhead 2
Fixed manufacturing overhead ($332500 + 22,500 units] 1?
Absorplim costing uril product mil 5 38 Forty peroentaffiuad manufacturing overhead consists afwages and salaries; the remainder consists
of depredaticn charges on production equipment and hulldlngs. Production and wet data forthe two yeIra are; Your 1 Your 2 Units pmduoed 22.5“] 22,500 Units sold 17,500 27,500
— Required:
1. Prepare a variable coating mntrlbutim formal income statement for each war. 6 |
( ) E ezlu.mheduaalian.aam C I E El Required:
1. Drum a variable mailing umlrilzulim furnal inmms s’la‘lnrna'rl fur each yuan Variable expenses: Talal variable expenses 0 D
D 0 Fixed expenses: Talal lixed expenses 0 0 Mel nperaling income {log} $ 0 $ 0 2. Reconcile lhe absorption msling and lha variable outifng net (warming income figurazi hr each year.
(Losses and deducfions should be indlcatad wilt a minus sign.) Variable scaling net upeniling income (loss) Md (deduct) fixed manufaduring overhead deferred in (released [ram]
invenlnry under absnrpliun tiling Absarpliun Dusting net uperaling incume [lass]
I ezto.mhedueetian.oom C: I E ii] Problem B-ZOA Variable and Absorption Costing Unit Product Costs and Income Statements; Explanation of Difference in Net Operating Income [LOB-1.
LOG-2. LOG-3] High Country. Inc., produces and sells mIny meafionll products. The company has lust opened a new
plant to produce a folding damp-1 that will be marketed thmughout the United States. The following cost
and revenue data relate to May, the first month ufthe plInt's operation: Beginning inventory 0
Units produced 39.000
Units sold 34,500
Selling prim per mil $32
Selling and administrative expenses: Variable per unit 52 Fixed per month $555,560
Manufacturing costs: Direct materials inst per unit it? Diredlaborooitper unit 510 Variable manufacturing overhead cost per unit S2 Fixed manufacturing overhead cost per month 562A.flm Management is armious to see how profitable the new camp out will be and has Isked that an income
statement he prepared for Main Required:
l. Assume that the company uses Ibecrption casting. a. Determine the unit product cost. —: b. Pmpere an income statement for May.
1. Assume Ihal he mmpany usual abaorpliun coming. a. Demmine flra urit product cost —:I [1. Prepare an ineurna Warn for May. 2. Assume Ihat the company uses va'iable mating. a. Deter-nine firs unit prnduct m. : b. Pram a mnlrilulim inrrrlal income mam for May. Variable expenses:
( ) E azimmhedunalianmm 6 fl :71 2. Assume Ihat Ihe mmpeny uses variable ending. a. Deter-nine file nrl‘t pnfluct mic. —: [1. Prepare a mmribulim fnrmal inmme mm far May. Variable expenses
Fixed expenses:
$ 0 References oBook a. Reeournee WIJI‘IIIIIBII Diffimltv: T Easv Laaminn Ohiecflve: 06-02 Prepare inmrna statements using both variable and absorption
< > E I ezto.mhedueetian.r:em Problem B-21A Segment Reporting and Decision Making [LOB-4] Vulcan Compaan contribution lorrnat income statement for June is given below: Villain Gallo-fly
Income W
Fu' its Mordh Ended Jane 30 Ssies 5 355,050
Variable emenses 329,000
Contribution margin 535,000
Fixed expenses 485,000
Net operating inmme 3 45,050 Management is disappointed with the company‘s performance and is wondering what can be done to
improve profits. By Ilrnining sales and anal remrds, you hm determined the following: a. The eompany is divided into two seles tenitories—Norlhern and Southern. The Northern Territory
recorded 5500mm in sales and $235,000 in variable expenses during June: the remaining sales and
variable expenses mre recorded in the Southern Territory. Fixed expenses of $185,000 and 594,500
are traceable to the Northern and Southern Territories. respectively. The rest of the fixed expenses are
common to the two territories. b. The eompany is the exclusive distributor fortwo products—Palm and Tibs. Sales ofPaks and ‘I'Ibs
totaled $200,000 and 5300,00D, respedively, in the Northern territory during June Variable expenses
are 27% of the selling price for Paks and 77% for les. Cost records show that $94,000 of the Northern
Territory’s lined expenses are traceable to Fairs and $50,000 in 'fihs, with the remainder common to the
two products. Required: ta. Prepare mntributian format segmented income statements for the total company broken down between
sales territories. [Round the pementage answers to one decimal place (Le .1234 should be
entered as 119])
Required: 18. Prepare contribution format segmented income statements for the total company broken down between
sales territories. [Round the percentage answers to one decimal place (Le .1234 should he
entered el 12.!]) eztu.mheducalion.r:om 0.0 0.0 0 0.0
0.0 S 0.0 $ 0 0.0
$ 0.0
1h. Prepare contribution format segmented inoeme statements for the Northern Territory broken down by
predud line. [Round the percentage enlwere to one decimal place (i.e .1214 should be entered
as 12.3)]
0.0 0.0 0 0.0
0.0 $ 0.0 $ 0 0.0
$ 0.0
References eBook 8r Heeourcee
) I aztumheduealienmm G . ET] Problem S-22A Prepare and Reconcile Variable Costing Statements [LOG-1. LOG-2, LOB-3] Demon Company rnanulaeluree and sells a single product. Cost data for lhe produd are given belaw: Variable costs per unit:
Direatmelariels $3
Direcllahar 9
Validate mfaduring overhead 3
Varietals selling and minim-alive 3
Tdal variable use per mil 518
Fixed ends per month:
Fem manufacturing maimed $ 04,000
Fixed selling and axinirl'alralive 163,000
Tdal lined m1 pa mm1h S 247,000 The pruchd sells for $48 per unit. Predudion and sales dale for JLIy and August, the first two months of
uperaliana, are aefnllaws: July 21.000 17.000
August 21.000 25.000 The company’s Amnlirg Deparlmanl has prepared abiarplim easing inmma datamanle for
July and Auguat as presented below: Sale: 5 816,000 5 1.200.000
Goal of goods sold 323,000 475,000
Ginsu margin 490,013.) 725,000
Selling and administrative expense: 214,000 230,000 Natmaralinginmma 5 279,000 $ 407,000
T T E I ezlomheduoalionmm C- l m E] Raqulnd:
1. Dmmine ihe unil pmductom’l under abaurplim tasting and vandals mating. a. Absorption Gosling
h. Variable ousting 2. Propa'e mmion format variable nosiing inonmo aimemonk; fir JulyI and August Variable expenses: Tolal variable expenses 0 0
0 Fixed expenses: Tolol fixed expenses 0 0 N21 operaiing income {loss} 23 D $ 0 3. Remnaile Ihe UarinhIo oosiing and absorption ousting net operaiing inoome.
?- — E I eztomheduoalionooom GI @— ET] Tllal fixed expenses 0 0 Nel operaiing income {loss} $ 0 $ () 3. Remnaile Ihe ven‘abie oosfing and absorption ousting net operaling income. Variable [1:61an nel open-fling income (low) Md (deduct) fixed manufadurlng overhead cost deferred in (released from)
inventory under absorption oiling Absorption ousting net operailng income [loss] References eBook & Reeoureee Worksheet Difl'mlty: 2 Medium Learning Objective: 06-02 Prepare income statements using both variable and absorption
Problem 8-22A Prepare and Learning Objeofive: 06-01 Explain how Learning Objecflve: 06—03 Reconcile variable coming and absorption coating net operating
Reoonolle Variable Gosling variable cooling differs from absorption incomes and explain why the two amoums differ.
Memento [LOB-1, LOG-2. LOB-a] coating and oompune uni1 product costs under
each melhod.
I C I Problem 6-23A Absorption and Variable Costing; Production Constant. Sales Fluctunte [LOG-1, LOB-2. LOG-3] Tami Tyter opened Tami's CreItions. Inf... small manufacturing company. at thI beginning of thI year.
Getting the company through its first quarter ot operations placed a mnsiderahle strain on Ms. Tyler‘s
personal finances. The Following income statemInt fer the first quarter was prepared [at a lriend who has
just completed a course in manageriai accounting at State University. Tumi‘e Greetims, Im. lrlwme Stimuli.
Fattha Qarhr Ended March 51 Saies ($300 units) 3 534.300
Variable emenses: Variable cost at goods sold 5 276.000 Variable setting and administrative 130.550 456.550
Cantritmtion margin 378.3%
Fixed expenses: Fixed manufacturing overhead 215.300 F‘uted selling and administrative 216.000 431,300
Net operating loss 5 (53.450) Ms. Tyler is discouraged over the ioss shown tor the quarter. particularly because she had planned to use
the statement as support for bank loan. AnothIr friend, a CPA, insists that thI mmpany should be using
absorption costing rather than variable costing and argues that it absorption costing had been used the
mmpany wouid probably have reported at least some profit forthe quarter. At this point1 Ms. Tyler is manufacturing only one product, a swimsuit. Produdion and IIst data relating to
the swirnsui‘tfor the first quarter follow: Units produIId 26.000
Units sold 23.000
Variable costs per unit:
Direct Mllerials S 7.40
Direct labor 5 3.00
VariIble manufacturing overhead 3 1.60
Variable seiiing and administrative S 7.85 Required:
1. Compiete the following: 3. Compute the unit produotmst underahsorption casting. (Round your intonnodiate and final answer!
to 2 decimal plIcaI.)
77 I ezlumheduealianmm 9| Required:
1. Ganflele the folawing: a. Banana Ihe unit praduetecm underabeorplion Dueling. (Reund your intermediate and final answer!
In 2 decimal pineal.) —: b. Redo Ihe mpeny‘s home state-(lam lor Ihe querier using absorption oasling. (Round your
Inlerrnedleia celeulefienl le 2 decimal pines.) r: Reconcile Ihe vaiebla md abmrpliun msling nel opal-31in; hen-us (less) figures. (Reund yeur
Intermediate celeulefieni le 2 decimal places.) Variable ousting net income (lose) Abserpliun angling net operating income [loss]
T T E I ezlumhedunalianmm C- l E El 3. During ihe sound quarter of operaiinns, the mmpany again prudumd 26,mfl units but Enid 29,000
units. {Afisume no dmnge in min] fixed costs.) a. Prapare a nanh'ibution formal "untrue Ingmar“ fur the quarter using variable costing. (Round your
Intermediate calculafinnl in 2 decimal plum.) Variable expenses: Fixed expenses: [1. Prepare an inonrne stalemam for ihe quarter using absorptinn taming. (Round your Iniannedlaha
calwlalinnl In 2 decimal plaul.)
a. Reconcile the variehIe ooaiing and atmorpiim Gosling net operating inmrnes. [Rmnd your
lnt-nnodllh calcuhliom to 2 decimal pin-J Van‘able Dueling net operating income (loss) Absorption costing net operating income (loss) References eBook & Heeouroea Workman Difiiwlty: 2 Medium Learning Objective: 06-02 Prepare income statements using both variable and absorption
coating. Problem 843A Ala-orpflon and Learning Objective: 06-91 Explain haw Learning Objective: 06-03 Reconcile variable costing and absorption coating net operating Varlahh Gosling; Frodumion va'iahie coating differs from absorption inmmee and explain why the two amounts differ. Guarani. Sai- Flmtulll [LOG-1. ousting and mmputa unit produuooata under LOB-2, LOG-3] eadr rrleihod. hed<mvwm1<
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 4.07.14 PM.png
T T E I eztomheducatiamcom C: I Problem 6-18A Variable and Absorption Costing Unit Product Costs and Income Statements [LOG-1, LOG-2] Haas Company manufactures and satls one product. The following intonation pertains to each at the
mmpany’s first three years of operations; Variable costs per unit;
Direct materials 521
Directlabor $13
Variable manufacturing warhead 53
Variable noting and administratiw 51
Fixed costs per year:
Fixm menufenlurirlg overhead Stil‘lllflm
Fixed selling and administrative expenses $240,000 During its tirst year at operations, Haas produced 60,000 units and Gold 60,000 units. During its second
year of operations. it produced 75,000 units and sold 50.005 units. In its third year. Haas produced mono
units and sold 65.009 units. The selling price ofthe company‘s product is $5? per unit. Regular]:
1. Compute the oompany'e braekevan point in uniu; sold. 2. Assume the company uses variable mating: a. Compute the unitprtxmotmstforyaar 1. year 2, and year 3. Unit product oust i h. Prepare an income statement for year 1 , year 2. and year 3.
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