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please aswer above picture HCA 116 - Make-Up Assignment Q1. Martha...

please aswer above picture

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HCA 116 - Make-Up Assignment Q1. Martha Zeeman Clinic provided the financial information listed below. Prepare a cash budget for the clinic for the quarter ending March 2021. MARTHA ZEEMAN CLINIC 5-41 Revenues and Expenses Patient Revenues Patient Revenues Estimated Patient Revenues 2020 2020 2021 JULY $45,00,000 OCTOBER $44,20,000 JANUARY $46,00,000 Given 1 AUGUST $43,50,000 Given 2 NOVEMBER $42,10,000 Given 3 FEBRUARY $43,50,000 SEPTEMBER $45,30,000 DECEMBER $48,00,000 MARCH $42,20,000 Estimated Other Revenues Supplies Purchases Estimated Other Cash 2021 Outflows, 2021 (a) January $98,000 October $8,00,00 January $30,25,000 Given 4 February $1,30,000 Given 5 November $10,00,000 Given 6 February $31,65,000 March $1,25,000 December $16,00,000 March $30,55,000 anuary $10,00,000 April $27,35,000 February $12,00,00 March $14,00,000 April $10,00,000 Receipt of Payment for Patient Timing of Payment Services/Revenues For Supplies Purchases Ending Cash Balance (b Given 7 Current Month of Service 45% Given 8 0% Month Purchased Given 9 December 2020 $18,00,000 1st Month of prior service 25% 60% +1st Prior Month 2nd Month of prior service 10% 35% +2nd Prior Month 3-6 Months of prior service 5% 5% +3rd Prior Month (a) All estimated expenses are cashflows for the given month (b) The ending balance for each month as a percentage of the estimated cash outflows for the next month.

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