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Donna Stober's estate has the following assets (all figures approximate fair value): **see attached**
The house, cash, and other assets are left to the decedent's spouse. The investment land is contributed to a charitable organization. The automobiles are to be given to the decedent's brother. The investments in stocks and bonds are to be put into a trust fund. The income generated by this trust will go to the decedent's spouse annually until all of the couple's children have reached the age of 25. At the time, the trust will be divided evenly amoung the children.
The following amounts are paid prior to distribution and settlement of the estate; funeral expenses of $$20,000 and estate administration expenses of $10,000.
A. What value is to be reported as the taxable estate for federal estate tax purposes?
B. How does the year in which an individual dies affect the estate tax computation? For example, what is the impact of dying on December 30, 2008 versus January 2, 2009 or December 30, 2009 versus January 2, 2010.
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    Investments in stocks and bonds
    Investment land
    Automobiles (three)
    Other assets


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