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Excel Project A. Expand the cash flow budget you created in Problem 12.4 to include a row for expected cash outflows equal to 77% of the current month's sales. B. Also add a row to calculate the amount of cash that needs to be borrowed in order to maintain a minimum cash balance of $50,000 at the end of each month. C. Add another row to show the cash inflow from borrowing. D. Add another row to show the cumulative amount borrowed. E. Add another row to show the amount of the loan that can be repaid, being sure to maintain a minimum ending balance of $50,000 each month. F. Add appropriate data validation controls to ensure spreadsheet accuracy.
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    XYZ Company, Quarterly P&L Forecast
    Sales Returns & Allowances
    Net Sales
    Cost of Sales
    Gross Profit
    Marketing & Promotion
    General & Administration
    Operating Income Before...
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