I need help with this calculation part of my assignment. it is Management and Cost Accounting homework.

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Qu es t ion 2 Zubick Corporation produces and supplies 2 types of component parts to industrial equipment manufacturers. These parts are known as X123 and R907. There are 2 departments in the factory: the machining and assembly departments. The machining department has highly automated operations, while assembly has labour-intensive operations. T a b le 1 : Annual production data by product Product X123 Product R907 Units produced 1,000 2,000 Total direct labour hours (DLH) consumed per unit 5 DLH 15 DLH Total machine hours (MH) consumed per unit 15 MH 5 MH The overhead cost incurred in the Machining department was $1,300,000, while the overhead cost in the Assembly department was $350,000. T a b le 2 : Annual overhead costs and production activity by department Machining dept Assembly dept Total Overhead cost $1,300,000 $350,000 $1,650,000 Direct labour hours (DLH) consumed per dept 5,000 DLH 30,000 DLH 35,000 DLH Machine hours (MH) consumed per dept 23,000 MH 2,000 MH 25,000 MH The manager, Rex, decided to allocate costs to the 2 products in the following manner: he divided the total overhead costs of $1,650,000 by the total number of labour hours utilised in the factory (ie (1000 x5) plus (2000 x 15) = 35,000 DLH). Therefore his overhead rate was $1,650,000/35,000 = $47.14 per DLH.
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